New Moon in Virgo | September 14, 2023

new moon September 2023

On September 14, 2023, we will experience a new moon at 21 degrees of Virgo. It will impact individuals with planets and aspects between 16-26 degrees of this sign the most. But it will likewise influence individuals with planets and aspects in Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces at the same degrees. New moon phases are great times to conduct intention rituals to plan and prepare for the months ahead. They are also great times to harness the moon’s power in other beneficial ways.

New moon phases in Virgo are typically favorable times as they give us a chance to organize and get ourselves together. They always come around the fall season, which likewise beckons us to declutter. This new moon phase will be packed with feminine energy as Pallas situates in Libra and Vesta settles in Cancer the day before the new moon.

So chances are your attention will be focused on the home front as well as the workplace. This is especially the case if you work from home in any capacity. You will probably be in the mood to do some deep cleaning at the beginning of this cycle.


Those impacted by this new moon will be very productive as they employ various mechanisms to plan, strategize, and get the job done. They will likewise pay great attention to the details during this time. So, if there is something you missed or overlooked at work or home, you will probably become keenly aware of it during this time. 

This is especially the case as Mercury goes direct in this sign the day after the new moon. Mercury retrograde periods are about reviewing and revising things. And this luminary has probably already shown you a few things you need to upgrade in your daily routine since it retrograded in Virgo on Aug 23, 2023. Now will be the time to come up with a plan of action and get going.

Health and Well-Being

Virgo also governs our health and well-being, so you will also pay more attention to this area during this new moon cycle. You may decide to start a new health regimen or have some type of medical treatment. This is a great time to do so, especially with so much active nurturing energy at play. You will be supported on many levels if you start a routine to improve your health during this period. Even more, you will have the motivation and drive to do just that.

Service to Others

Virgo also governs our sense of charity and desire to help others. So, as you clean out your closets, you may be inclined to donate your used items to a worthy cause. Or, you may decide to be more hands-on by giving your time and energy to help others in some way. Chances are your heart will be directed toward children, female causes, or maternal issues. Giving to others during this time will be very profitable as you will receive reciprocal rewards in due time.  

Ceres in Scorpio

On Sep 15, Ceres, another maternal luminary, will enter Scorpio. Ceres represents the notion of motherhood as she governs family connections, agriculture, and female transitions. She is connected to grief and separation, which can bring out her shadowy side. With this placement in Scorpio, many will have to deal with some intense emotions. Scorpio encourages transformation, usually associated with endings or closures.     

During this time, you may feel a need or desire to be more connected to your mother or a maternal figure. Or you could experience past trauma that requires maternal healing. Otherwise, you might be in a position to give such nurturing vibes to others. Either way, this energy will serve as a catalyst for major change and reconstruction. It will facilitate emotional healing for you or others that will allow for rebirth and transformation.

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

The first quarter moon on Sep 22 in Sag will have us expanding our horizons. First quarter moon phases encourage us to keep pushing towards our goals. And Sagittarius’s energy embodies the notion of shooting for the stars and hitting the mark. This zodiac is also optimistic and adventurous. And it’s known for bringing forth abundance and seeking freedom. During this time, we will be more willing to explore and find ways to achieve our goals.

Likewise, you may feel more open-minded or ready to take risks. You may also feel the desire to travel, or you may need to do so for professional or personal reasons. If so, your journey should be smooth and very enjoyable. You will probably make some very beneficial connections during your travels that may take you further than you anticipated. 

Additionally, you will probably be more gregarious and charitable during this period with the combined energy of Mercury in Virgo. Also, Scorpio is in the mix and known to be obsessive and intense. So, be careful if you are prone to overindulge. Because you could overly extend yourself if you aren’t focused. 

Sun in Libra

Finally, the Sun will enter Libra on Sep 23, which will help us balance things out. During this time, our focus will shift to romantic and business partnerships, agreements, collaborations, etc. If you were waiting to sign any type of contract during the previous Mercury retrograde cycle, this would be the perfect time to do so. By this point, Mercury should be in full swing giving you the green light to do the needful. So, review the document once more and sign if everything is amenable.

Any important relationships you have should be harmonious while the Sun visits Libra. It’s also a good time to socialize and make vital connections. This is especially the case since Venus, ruler of Libra, also went direct on Sep 3. So if you are looking to make a serious love connection, you may be in luck. There will be many conversations surrounding marriage, long-term commitments, and business alliances in the coming weeks. It’s a great time to get engaged, merge resources, or otherwise join forces with a romantic or business partner.


The new moon in Virgo during September 2023 brings with it new opportunities, fresh energy, and a chance to start anew. This particular new moon is especially powerful due to its alignment with Virgo, a sign associated with practicality, organization, and responsibility. With this new moon comes an opportunity to make positive changes in our lives that will help us reach our goals.

Whether it’s starting a new project, embarking on a health journey, or reevaluating our daily routines, the new moon in Virgo encourages us to be diligent and methodical in our approach. It reminds us to pay attention to the small details that often make a big difference.

By embracing this celestial opportunity for growth, we open ourselves up to new possibilities. And we invite positive transformations into our lives. Let us welcome the energy of the new moon in Virgo with open arms and embrace the potential for personal growth and success that it brings.

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