New Moon in Taurus | May 19, 2023

New Moon May 2023

On May 19, 2023, we will experience a new moon at 28 degrees of Taurus. It will impact individuals with planets and positions between 23-33 degrees of this sign the most. But it will likewise influence individuals with planets in Virgo, Capricorn, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius at the same degrees. New moon phases are great times to conduct intention rituals to plan and prepare for the months ahead. They are also great times to harness the moon’s power in other beneficial ways.

This new moon falls at the hills of the solar eclipse in Scorpio about two weeks ago. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs on the zodiac wheel. So, this new moon in May 2023 will make for interesting dynamics. It should come with many surprises as Jupiter and Mercury entered this sign about 3-4 before the moon’s transit. As such, we have three elements (water, fire, and air) working collaboratively to bring us many blessings. 


We will be abuzz with talk and thoughts about our finances and romantic partnerships during this time. As these are the areas that will receive the most fortune over the next 12 months or so. Many affected by this energy will be very busy as financial opportunities seem to drop out of the sky. 

So, keep your ears and eyes open, as you will have plenty of chances to make or receive money. And with so much energy in Taurus, it seems you will be able to make your money work for you in beneficial ways. Both Taurus and Mercury energy are known for their intellectual and strategic prowess. Also, Taurus rules our finances, and her budgetary skills are immaculate. 

And that’s what this energy will primarily be about. So, don’t spend too quickly, instead prepare for the opportunities ahead with due diligence. As I indicated in my financial astrology report for May 2023, this season is best for storing up.

Adekai by Jah West X Queen Sandra


Love will also be in the air, so get ready for a little passionate play. Communication dynamics should go smoothly between you and a mate. But if you are single, this is a great time to mingle as the Great Benefactor Jupiter and Messager Mercury will also be in the mix. Cupid is sure to shoot his arrow in your favor. This energy will overflow, especially with Mars entering Leo the next day. But more on this later.


Taurus also rules health, so expect to experience miraculous or instant healing. At least, this will be the case for some. For others, you may finally get the diagnosis or treatment you have been waiting for. And still, some might experience greater relief from issues that have plagued them for a while. If you are thinking about or have already planned procedures for this time, you have the green light. Medical treatment should be favorable for those who will benefit the most from this energy. 

You may find yourself experimenting with holistic treatment modalities during this time. And you should be able to find the remedy you seek. Many will likely haphazardly come across information that will lead to their healing. Some will even benefit so much from such encounters that they start a career or business related to holistic healing. This energy is here for the long haul. As such, this new moon in May 2023 will set the tone for the next year or so as the flame will continue to burn.

Mars in Leo

Mars will only add fuel to the fire as it enters Leo on May 20th. These are two fiery, passionate, masculine energies that complement Venus’ feminine wiles. So, prepare for a showdown as Leo will entertain go-getter Mars until July 10th. This means that we will really be flowing in our creative juices. And this may impact you in any of the major areas that Venus touches. 

You may find creative ways to get cash flow, care for your health, connect with the perfect mate, or locate your dream home. Either way, you are bound to focus on your material foundation in some way or another. You will be determined to find resolve in these areas. You will most likely have quite a bit of fun along the way.

Sun in Gemini

This planetary interplay gets even more interesting on May 21 as the Sun illuminates Gemini. Even more creative flow will come our way as Gemini is a curious, playful, intellectual mastermind. You may find yourself socializing quite a bit over the next month. And this energy will be perfect for connecting and creating with others. You will probably be more open-minded during this time. And that will be ideal when it comes to finding ways to master your material world. You may be presented with many options for finding success in the core areas of finances, romance, health, and beauty.  

First Quarter Moon in Virgo

I absolutely love the energy of this new moon phase. The first quarter moon in Virgo on May 27th will help us get organized. We will be able to put everything together in a meaningful way. Many will also be very focused on achieving their goals. This is the stage where we will begin to set and settle into routines and habits. These dynamics will help us manage and maintain the gifts and blessings we received or may receive as a result of the previous solar eclipse. It will also be useful during Jupiter’s transit through Taurus.   

Jupiter Conjunct True Node

Finally, this new moon phase will be rounded out with Jupiter conjunct True Node at 37 degrees of Taurus. This will bring many blessings in the spiritual and material domains. It will help us connect with the resources we need to fulfill our soul mission. But you must be careful not to over-indulge during this period. This is especially true if you are inclined to overdo it from time to time. Instead, focus on using these blessings to benefit your future.

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