New Moon in Sagittarius | November 23, 2022 | Astrology & Tarot

On November 23, 2022, we will experience a new moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This new moon will occur at 1 degree of this ambitious constellation. It will impact individuals with major planetary aspects between 26 degrees of Scorpio and 6 degrees of Sagittarius the most. New moon phases are a great time to set intentions for your plans and desires in the coming months and years.

Sagittarius oversees spirituality, philosophy, higher education, and long-distance travel. And her ruler, Jupiter, is the Great Benefactor, so he will be bringing us gifts during this season. And we will likewise be feeling more charitable during this time of year. However, this new moon will trail the total lunar eclipse we recently experienced in the sign of Taurus. As such, this may not be the time to spend a lot of money since a lunar eclipse in Taurus can conclude or end aspects of our finances.

As we enter this new moon, Venus and Mercury are both in Sagittarius, and Vesta is in Pisces. Therefore, we will have plenty of loving, intuitive energy to support our spiritual growth and development during this season. Also, Mars is still in retrograde motion, so we may not feel like taking much action during this time. Instead, many of us will be in deep introspection about the meaning and purpose of life. 

This new moon will have us more focused on how our money-making endeavors tie into our overall sense of purpose, well-being, and self-worth. Our conversations in both personal and public spaces will likewise be more focused on these dynamics. It will be even more important for highly spiritual beings to seek out and connect with like-minded individuals. Such collaboration will be necessary as we venture into unchartered spiritual waters. 

And this is the perfect season for this type of activity. The year 2023 will usher us into a seven-vibration year from a numerology perspective. This energy will have all of us taking a deep dive into our soul mission, purpose, and destiny. And this dynamic will impact each of us at some level. So, stay tuned for my upcoming 2023 numerology and personal year predictions next month.

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