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New Moon in Libra Sep 2022

Get ready for the following cosmic transitions in the upcoming weeks as we experience the new moon in Libra on Sep 25, 2022. As usual, the new moon is a great time to engage in intention rituals. This action will set the tone for our goals and aspirations over the next six months. So get ready to dive into these energetic shifts as the moon enjoys a short stay in the sign of Libra.


  • The moon will join the sun in the sign of Libra, which will give us more energy to focus on our relationship dynamics. During this season, we will feel a greater need to nurture partnerships of all kinds as we seek balance and harmony in our lives. This is the perfect time to set business, career, and financial goals connected to our relationships.
  • Use the energy of Libra to schedule meetings and strategize about projects and plans in your business or career endeavors. This energy is ideal for creating or reviewing a budget with your team, romantic partner, or financial coach. Conversations will be amicable and friendly, and you are sure to move forward in a positive direction. It’s a great time to forge new partnerships that will be beneficial in our financial sector.
  • If you have been dealing with a lawsuit, arbitration, or similar issues, you are bound to get justice in your situation. If possible, schedule such meetings and conversations when the moon and sun are in Libra. But, be careful if you are at fault as this energy is all about justice and balance.
  • Watch out for the semi-square interaction between Jupiter and Uranus on Sep 28th, as this may not be the time to move forward with innovative ideas and plans. Instead, mull over them for three to five days before sharing them with others during this transitory phase.


  • As Venus enters Libra, we are sure to experience even greater harmony and beauty during this season. Venus rules the sign of Libra and governs finances, romance, and beauty. As such, this will be the perfect season to focus on balancing out these dynamics.
  • We will feel a greater desire to care for those who we value but likewise a more profound urgency to financially prepare for the future. These dynamics make for the perfect storm as we seek ways to spend quality time with our loved ones in practical, cost-efficient ways.


  • The maternal energy of Ceres will coincide with the frequency of Virgo to bring order to our nurturing side. The dwarf planet Ceres is associated with maternal love and the concept of Mother Earth. When this energy meshes with Virgo vibrations, we will feel the need to create greater structure and order in our lives. This notion will apply doubly to our relationship sector while the moon and sun are working with the energy of Libra.
  • Setting boundaries will be a priority for us during this time. We will feel greater desire and fortitude to say “no” when we need to. And we won’t allow others to manipulate us as easily. This will also be the ideal time to set schedules and negotiate our time dynamics in equitable and amiable ways.


  • As the moon enters Capricorn, we will have an even more heightened sense of responsibility and duty. You may find yourself working a lot during this period. But don’t fret because you will have the energy and fortitude to get the job done. Be sure to clear your schedule of extraneous tasks and duties to focus on what’s most important.


The following planets will be moving direct this month. This movement is sure to give us more energy and focus in the areas in which they govern.

  • Mercury goes direct on Oct 2, which will level out our communication dynamics. You should be able to move forward with publications, new projects, etc. without any hiccups. But wait about two weeks after Mercury goes direct to give it time to move full swing ahead.
  • Vesta goes direct on Oct 5, which will give us the energy to combine our intuition and intellect for better decision-making and problem-solving. 
  • Pluto goes direct on Oct 8, just in time for annual ceremonies designed to honor our ancestors. We will surely have greater connectivity with the spirit world as the veil is thinner during this season.

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