New Moon in Cancer Astrology | July 17, 2023

new moon July 2023

On July 17, 2023, we will experience a new moon at 24 degrees of Cancer. It will impact individuals with planets and aspects between 19-29 degrees of this sign the most. But it will likewise influence individuals with planets in Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn at the same degrees. New moon phases are great times to conduct intention rituals to plan and prepare for the months ahead. They are also great times to harness the moon’s power in other beneficial ways.

This new moon phase is packed with cosmic activity. A new moon in Cancer always takes us deep into our inner selves. It’s a time when our intuition kicks into high gear. In particular, you will probably receive many messages from the spiritual realm about your calling or life purpose during this timeframe. But more on this later.

You will also feel deeply cared for during this transit. Cancer is maternal, and when she interacts with her ruler, the Moon, we feel her loving touch with more depth and intensity. This energy will help you see the silver lining in your relationships, especially with your mother or maternal figures. You might pull out old scrapbooks or take a trip down memory lane as you reminisce about your childhood years. 

True Node Retrograde Enters Aries

On the same day as the new moon cycle, the north or true node will enter Aries. This will give us time to reflect on how we can take the lead in cultivating and moving toward our destiny. True node energy forces us to align with our soul mission. It often makes us uncomfortable because we are used to being in tune with our south node energy. But our north node is where we are destined to go – it shows us what we are meant to achieve in life. With this cosmic power situated in Aries, we will focus on pushing forward with strength and dominance to get into this space.

Venus Retrograde in Leo  

On July 22, Venus will retrograde in Leo until Sep 3, 2023. This activity occurs on the same date that Jupiter in Taurus will be semi-square with Neptune in Pisces. Semi-squares typically aren’t too disruptive, but you could feel some slight imbalance between your material and spiritual worlds. You could find yourself overly focused on one over the other. Chances are that your finances or love life will have more of your attention during this time. And with Venus retrograding in Leo, you will be forced to face how these dynamics have impacted your life. But more on this activity in a separate post.

Sun in Leo

On July 22, the Sun will enter Leo shining even more light into our house of pleasure. This is normally when we feel bold, empowered, and confident. And those dynamics will be at play during this new moon cycle. However, with Venus retrograding in the same sign on the same day, many will get a wake-up call. During this time, when the Sun is at home in Leo, its rays will be focused on burning down strongholds in our material world.

Pluto Square True Node      

From July 23-28, Pluto in Capricorn will square True Node in Aries. Pluto energy in Capricorn transforms our career sector and material conquests. True node vibes in Aries force us to take the lead as we move toward our destiny or calling. With these energies squaring off, you may find yourself bumping heads in the workforce or with authority figures. There will be power struggles on a global scale during this period. 

It will be a time when many people will wake up to the reality that they aren’t fulfilling their soul mission. But instead of quietly planning to go in a different direction, some will make rash decisions that could cause major upheavals. Pluto normally moves slowly, making gradual changes over the course of time. Capricorn likewise takes time to achieve its goals – it’s not in a rush as it understands that perfection is a process. But Aries is fiery and fast-moving – this energy does not like to wait. So, it will demand we get the job done quickly. 

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There will be a bit of friction for about 7-9 days or so during this cycle. This may result in people suddenly leaving their jobs or pivoting their business endeavors. Or you could encounter work-related disputes with high-ranking individuals. It could also result in sudden bouts of depression or fatigue related to work stress. Either way, this time is going to be somewhat intense.

Normally, I would encourage you to lay low for a bit – maybe take a vacation or try to avoid certain people or situations. But this won’t be possible for everyone. And even for those who can, the energy is going to do what is needed to rouse you. So, the goal is to be prepared and understand what’s happening instead of trying to avoid the inevitable.     

Chiron Retrograde in Aires          

Even more energy is coming to Aries on July 23 as Chiron retrogrades in this sign. Chiron is the wounded healer, and Aries governs our sense of self. So the focus during this time will be connected to who we are in this world, what we are meant to do, or similar dynamics. Many will tackle issues related to self-worth, value, drive, and determination, especially connected to their professional life. 

Some will explore themes related to being held back from achieving their full potential in their career, business, etc. Others will focus on areas in which they have been undisciplined, unmotivated, restricted, etc. Still, others may come face to face with the consequences of their overly ambitious ways. But this energy will be more about getting to the root cause of such behaviors. You will possibly explore childhood wounds that have manifested into material or status-seeking apathy or overachievement. 

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First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

This new moon cycle in Cancer will close out with the first quarter moon in Scorpio on July 25. And I like this because Scorpio is obsessive about diving deep into things. Scorpio also focuses on conclusions, endings, transitions, and rebirth. So, the moon in this sign will help us find closure and move forward. The intense nature of Scorpio will also give us the deep focus to move past the limitations that have held us back. 

We will be more determined than ever to let go of old wounds, hurts, or trauma that have held us back. Chances are you will be inclined to dig deeper into your past to understand these dynamics. And in doing so, you may get to the root cause of some of your maladaptive patterns or behaviors, which is vital for the healing process. 

Power struggles and control issues within your relationships may also arise as we get closer to the full moon. You will likely see how such dynamics are holding you back from taking advantage of your full potential. And by the time the moon is fully illuminated, you will likely expose these dynamics and overcome them.

Mercury in Virgo 

Right before the month closes on July 28th, Mercury will communicate with Virgo. This energy will be perfect for helping us lay out practical plans to move forward in logical ways. If you encounter an identity crisis during this period, you will have a deeper understanding of what you need to do to go to the next level. So, don’t worry if you felt frazzled over the past couple of weeks. The Universe is about to help you sort out any disruptions caused by the previous square and retrograde activities.  


As we move through the lunar cycle, each phase of the moon holds unique significance. The new moon in Cancer is one such phase that astrologers and enthusiasts eagerly await. Cancer, being a water sign, is known for its emotional depth and sensitivity. When this energy combines with the new moon’s energy, it creates a powerful opportunity to set intentions for emotional growth and healing.

The new moon in Cancer offers a chance to focus on our relationships, both with ourselves and others. It is an ideal time to reflect on our emotions and make necessary changes to nurture our well-being. This lunar phase encourages us to tap into our intuition and connect with our inner selves. Understanding the significance of the new moon in Cancer can help us make the most of this powerful time. This lunar phase offers valuable insights that can guide you toward growth and transformation.

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