New Moon in Aquarius | January 21, 2023

New Moon January 2023

On January 21, 2023, we will experience a new moon at 1 degree of Aquarius. It will impact individuals with major planetary aspects between 26 degrees of Capricorn and 6 degrees of Aquarius the most. But it will likewise influence individuals with planets in corresponding air elements and fixed modalities at the same degrees. New moon phases are great times to conduct intention rituals to plan and prepare for the months ahead.

This new moon energy will have us thinking about the collective and how we can effect positive change for the benefit of all. Our focus will be on the future during this time. However, this last Mercury retrograde phase may have us thinking about our past relationships and how they have shaped our public face in the world. Some will find these reunions jovial, light-hearted, and fun. Others will have to do a bit of damage control as old friends and colleagues appear to remind them of areas in which they are broken.

But overall, the new moon will have a gregarious tone as Uranus goes direct right after this celestial energy collaborates with the water-bearer. During this period, many are bound to have fresh, innovative ideas and thoughts. Some may even find themselves daydreaming or entertaining romantic ideas about the future as Venus enters Pisces on Jan. 26th. So, don’t forget to collect your thoughts in a journal or diary so you don’t forget them later.  

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This energy will even present the ideal circumstances for connecting with soul mates. Though, it is very important to remain alert because it can also make you a bit delusional. You will be more inclined to romanticize everything during this time. And it is easy to become too connected too soon.

Likewise, the Mercury retrograde indicates that new connections made during the past month or so may be short-lived. Such relationships are often designed to teach us karmic lessons and help us align with our destiny. So don’t commit too soon.

The first quarter moon of this period will present in the sign of Taurus. This energy will only intensify your desire and passion. So, try your best to keep a cool head, as you may easily get fired up. Though Ceres will retrograde in Libra on February 3, 2022, which may be just the fire extinguisher you need. 

Some may feel unsupported and unnurtured by those around them. It can cause us to re-evaluate our relationships. And in doing so, you may discover that any connections you made during Mercury retrograde were meant to be seasonal. You could find that a “dream” friendship or partnership made before or during this period is unbalanced. You might discover that you are a “giver” or a “taker” through such connections. In which case, you will need to do the work to get into proper alignment for healthier, stronger future relationships.   

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