Neptune Retrograde in Pisces | June 2023

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces June 2023

From June 30 to December 6, 2023, Neptune will retrograde in Pisces at 27 degrees. This energy will impact those with planets or positions between 22-32 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius the most. So check your natal chart and prepare for the impact of this movement if this applies to you.

This retrograde will occur in the sign that Neptune governs and in isolation from other major astrological events in June and July 2023. So its impact will be deep and penetrating. Many will be in introspective thought during this period as both Neptune and Pisces are contemplative luminaries. And all retrograde patterns are designed to make us revisit things from the past. Even more, Saturn is touring Pisces through 2026, so we will have quite a bit of activity in this sign.

During this time, many will step back from any delusional or illusional patterns that have kept them emotionally debilitated. It will be a time for Neptune to remove our rose-colored glasses. In doing so, we will see the world for what it truly is. And with Saturn placed in the same sign, we must dig our heels in and do some clean-up work.

Past Wounds 

Don’t be surprised if you are easily triggered during this retrograde period. Oftentimes individuals combat their deepest wounds and pains when Neptune retrogrades. And with it placed in Pisces, you will likely experience such encounters with tricky twists and turns. 

Pisces helps us escape reality, but sometimes through non-productive methods. Individuals with strong Piscean energy are more prone to be workaholics, alcoholics, drug and sex addicts, gamblers, and the like. They often escape their pain through vices that they easily become addicted to. 

Well, many won’t be able to hide behind such distractions during this time. The Universe will force them to deal with their past so they can overcome any trauma that has kept them stuck. And this may not be so pleasant, but it will be profitable. It is a time designed to help us kick old habits that aren’t serving our greatest good. Thus, many will get a loud wake-up call that they desperately need.

Adekai by Jah West X Queen Sandra

Reality Checks

Anything can happen to jolt us out of engaging in unhealthy emotional connections. And this can relate to almost any imbalance in the spiritual or physical realm. For some, this energy will be quite dramatic. It could result in catastrophic events such as accidents, miscarriages, break-ups, involuntary job loss, etc., as Saturn is an outer planet. So this energy is typically felt on a societal level.

But this is not meant to scare you. Instead, it’s designed to give the collective greater insight through events or happenings that may seem counterproductive or disastrous. However, such occurrences are ultimately meant to shake us up so we can go to the next level.

Health and Healing

This will also be a time for us to examine ways in which we are over-extending ourselves. Some people may experience unexpected illnesses, while others may have severe exacerbations of chronic conditions. Usually, this occurs when one isn’t adequately caring for their physical health or needs. In which case, the Universe may step in and require greater attention to this area.

Saturn and Pisces are both connected to illness and healing. So, the goal is to help many achieve healing during this period. So, if you have been driving yourself too hard or otherwise ignored vital warning signs, you may be forced to retreat from such behaviors. You will likely find better means to engage in self-care to improve your holistic well-being.



Any Neptune retrograde period is a special time of spiritual awakening and insight. During this period, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our circumstances. As the planet Neptune moves in its retrograde motion, it creates a powerful energy that can affect us on both physical and spiritual levels. It gives us a much-needed wake-up call to sort out our affairs and reach our greatest potential. So, use this Neptune retrograde energy in June 2023 to propel yourself to the next level.