Moon Magic for Business Success

Crystals, witch's broom, candles, and other spiritual materials on a table.

I absolutely adore the moon. It is a powerful yet subtle energy that helps us connect with Divine timing like no other celestial body. The moon is the fastest moving astral force that impacts our day-to-day lives. Unlike the planets, the moon changes position about every two and a half days. Its rotation tells us when it is in our best interest to take certain actions.

All you have to do is pay attention to its movement and align your plans accordingly. The moon impacts every area of our lives, so staying in tune with it is holistically beneficial. However, if you are a business owner who wishes to maximize your success, you may want to pay particular attention to the moon cycles.

In this brief guide, I discuss the four major phases of the moon and how each best corresponds to specific business actions. This post is a helpful guide that can help you stay organized and plan your business activities in a way that will best serve you.


The new moon is a time of rebirth and regeneration. During a new moon, the moon is not visible in the sky. It is a time of darkness, which is when creativity is conceived. It is also the phase when the veil is thin, and other worlds are more accessible.

New moon phases are the perfect time to plan, strategize, and set intentions for your business endeavors. This is the ideal period to put your thoughts on paper, whether you are writing a business plan, proposal, project outline, book, or other works. The new moon is very supportive when we are conceiving ideas and planning creative endeavors.


About one week after the new moon has set, the first quarter moon appears in the sky. The moon has waxed larger by this time, and her right half is visible in the sky. The first-quarter moon often brings challenges and small crises because the Sun and Moon are at hard aspects during this phase.

This is a time to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. It may require more time, energy, and effort to get things done during this cycle, so you need to pay careful attention to what’s going on. You may be putting out little fires during a first-quarter moon. However, you are charged with moving forward and looking for ways to transition challenges into opportunities. Doing so will prepare you for tremendous rewards in the future.

The first-quarter moon also provokes us to take action. This is the time to implement plans, such as launching new business endeavors, products, services, projects, workgroups, etc. It is also an excellent time for working on comprehensive works such as books, handbooks, dissertations, white papers, etc. Pretty much anything in its start-up phase should be initiated during the first-quarter moon.


As the moon’s light continues to expand, the moon comes to its fullness about halfway through a new moon cycle. During this cycle, the moon is fully visible in the sky, exposing all her glory. It is at this phase that we should release things, so it’s perfect for publishing or presenting our work to the world. Normally, the plans that you set during a previous new moon cycle will come to fruition during this time.

So, it could be a time for celebration and cheer. You may hear good news about the proposal that you developed six months previously during the new moon cycle. You may meet or exceed your sale threshold. It could also bring less-than-stellar news from the previous new moon cycle indicating that changes are necessary. Additionally, full moon periods are ideal for sales activities.

Keep in mind that the full moon challenges us to release everything – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the ordinary. This means that there could likewise be an explosion of emotions that may result in conflict. It could literally be the time when the proverbial “shit hits the fan.” So, the full moon is the ideal time to exercise diplomacy because you may need higher doses of it during this phase. It is the perfect season for contingency planning and damage control.


The final major moon phase is the third-quarter moon. After the full moon begins to disseminate over the next week, she is halfway visible in the sky again. During this phase, we can only see her left side. As she winds down, we should likewise do so.

Third-quarter moon phases are a bit quieter and mellow. It is a time to relax and debrief. During a third-quarter moon, you should re-evaluate any plans you set during the previous new moon. You should also conduct debriefing sessions to determine if you are adequately meeting your business goals.


The moon communicates with us through her many phases, telling us when to start, stop, go, or let go. If we wisely follow her guidance, we can reap many rewards. But, if we blatantly go against her counsel, we can cause ourselves more trouble than we bargained for. So take some time to observe this wise celestial sage so that you can achieve optimal business success.

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