Mercury Retrograde in Taurus | April 2023

Mercury Retrograde April 2023

From April 21-May 14, 2023, the planet Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Taurus. This action will occur at 15 degrees of Taurus, ruled by Venus. It will have a greater impact on individuals with major planetary aspects between 10-15 degrees of Taurus. Though this action will likewise influence Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius at the same degrees.

A day before this transit happens, a total solar eclipse will occur in Aries, and the Sun will enter Taurus. So, plan for an action-packed Mercury retrograde season. These types of retrogrades are typically slower than others since Mercury rules our communication sector. In this case, this planet is known for slowing things down. It gives us an opportunity to reflect, review, and revise. But eclipse energy is known to be pretty wonky also. Likewise, solar eclipses generally heat and speed things up. And this solar eclipse is sure to bring the heat as the Sun and Moon will cross paths in Aries.

So, plan for a fairly fast-paced retrograde period with plenty of surprise elements. Mercury will touch the areas of our finances, romance, family, health, and beauty, which are all ruled by Taurus. So, this transit will have us reviewing these critical dynamics. We will be taking off our rose-colored glasses and seeing the reality of our situations. And in instances where it doesn’t look so pretty, the Cosmos will give us ideas and opportunities to tidy things up. In other cases, we might be gifted the tools and resources to help us do so. Either way, this Mercury retrograde period from April through May 2023 will be pretty exciting. 


Many will be focused on financial opportunities during this period. They will be searching for ways to improve their money dynamics. For some, the combined energy of the Mercury retrograde and eclipse in Aries will stir up visions of entrepreneurship. If you have been putting your dreams of owning your own business on hold, expect a push from the Universe during this period. 

Taurus will give you the tools you need to plan for this endeavor. And Aries may light you up with inspiration. But don’t move too fast, as Mercury retrograde periods are not the best time to start new endeavors. Instead, do your research and strategize during the period. It’s best to take action about two weeks after Mercury goes direct. 


For those who already own businesses, you will most likely review your budget and financials. And if they don’t look so healthy, you may be encouraged to find ways to generate more income. This might be in the form of pivoting, closing shop, or starting new ventures. Again, use this time to review, reflect, and plan. Don’t make any big moves until Mercury is full steam ahead.

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For those inclined to do so, you may find yourself stepping into leadership roles during this time. Some will be promoted, and if so, you can accept the role if it’s with the same employer. Mercury retrograde periods are typically not the ideal time to start a new job. But doing so is usually okay if it is with the same or a previous employer. Though if you can wait to begin your duties after the retrograde, this would be ideal. 

Conversely, this is not the ideal time to ask for a raise, promotion, etc. Instead, let the Universe do your bidding. With an active eclipse during this time, you may find that such opportunities are dropped into our lap. If not, the end of next month will be a better time to broach such topics.


Investment opportunities will be ripe at this time. You will probably hear news of great deals in the stock market, real estate, etc. Use this time to get all the details. And wait to make any moves with new investment opportunities until Mercury returns to duty. 

But if the deal relates to stocks, funds, or other financial opportunities you are already invested in, go for it. You are bound to reap dividends in the long run. Though be extra careful when transacting trades or signing contracts, you may miss some important details. Take your time before sealing the deal.


You may find yourself having passionate interludes with a current or previous mate during this period. Past romantic and platonic partners tend to show up during Mercury retrograde cycles. And with a fiery eclipse in Aries and Mercury in Taurus, the two most masculine and feminine signs of the zodiac will team up for some explosive action.

But do be careful with this energy during this season. If a past partner shows up, you two may enjoy some fiery, passionate romance as you rekindle old flames. But don’t set your sights too high. These types of hookups usually don’t last long after the retrograde phase. It may just be the right time to enjoy one last interlude or bring closure to your situation. The fire may easily burn out a short time later, leaving you with heartache or disappointment. 

If you are involved in an illicit affair, it’s best to lay low during this retrograde cycle. Secrets may be revealed with or without your undoing. Mercury is known for crossing communication wires when it slows down. As such, you might send a steamy text message to the wrong person. Or someone else may unwittingly reveal your secret if they are aware of your activities. With an eclipse at play, things can easily move in unexpected directions.


During this time, health issues may spring up. You may experience an exacerbation of a previous condition, or a new issue may present itself. This energy will be directed toward making you pay closer attention to your overall well-being. If something pops up, get a screening or checkup. 

If you are already dealing with an issue, you may find new or innovative ways to treat your condition. You might learn about an effective herbal remedy or a promising procedure. As with all other things during Mercury retrograde, take your time to do some research. 

Figure out the best prices and places to get the treatment you seek. Talk to others or read reviews before making a final decision. If you move too fast, you may regret it. If you need the treatment urgently, you should be okay starting it during Mercury retrograde. But, again, if you can wait, do so for the best results.

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