Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio | May 5, 2023

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

On May 5, 2023, we will experience a full moon lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Scorpio. It will impact individuals with major planetary aspects between 9-19 degrees of this sign the most. But it will likewise influence individuals with planets in Cancer, Pisces, Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius at the same degrees. Full moon phases are a great time to conduct release rituals to let go of the old and make way for the new. They are also great times to harness the moon’s power in other beneficial ways.

This full moon eclipse in Scorpio is the last one in this sign for the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse season. Though, we have one last eclipse in Taurus in October that will bring this energy to a full close. The eclipse in May will end the sudden changes we have felt under the influence of Scorpio. And Scorpio rules death, rebirth, and transformation, among other things. So chances are you have experienced significant changes if this energy impacted you.

Adekai by Jah West X Queen Sandra


The eclipse on May 5, 2023, will surely bring sudden death to the things that no longer serve us. Particularly, this energy will focus on unhealthy emotional connections that often lead to trauma bonding, pain, and suffering in relationships. Many of these dynamics were revealed to us during the previous solar eclipses in Scorpio. We saw areas of our relationships that needed tweaking, and this eclipse will bring those things to a close.

For some, this will involve ending relationships that no longer serve them. For others, this may involve concluding certain dynamics of relationships that have kept us stuck. In such instances, relationships will be deeply transformed instead of ending altogether. In other cases, this may involve taking steps to break unhealthy soul ties. Either way, those impacted the most will definitely experience some shifts in their relationship sector. 

This energy will primarily focus on romantic connections. However, we may possibly see other relationships impacted since our romantic connections are often shaped by our bonds with parental figures. In particular, maternal connections will be impacted during this time as Ceres will go direct a day after the eclipse. But, some may also experience changes in business or career partnerships as well, especially as they relate to romantic or parental connections.


Scorpio also rules inheritances, estates, trust funds, and other financial matters connected to death. So if you have been dealing with issues in these areas, chances are things will come to a head during this time. Such matters caught up in the judicial system will most likely be settled for those impacted by this eclipse. It may be for better or worse, depending on what side of the fence you are on. If you receive a sizeable inheritance, expect to see payouts between September and November of this year.

Ceres Direct

During the Ceres retrograde cycle, we were charged with examining the dark aspects of maternal bonds. In particular, we got a glimpse at how these connections have impacted our ability to set healthy boundaries. As she stations direct in Virgo, we will put these lessons into action. These two energies will encourage us to get our relationship dynamics in order. And Scorpio will force us to let go of toxic connections, even if we aren’t quite ready to do so. Though during the past year or so, he has given us plenty of forewarning.

Venus Enters Cancer

On May 7th, Venus will enter Cancer, giving us even more energy to wash away relationship toxicity. This will be a time of self-nurturing and healing. You may even find yourself mending broken connections with your mother or a maternal figure. This time will be charged with emotions, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying. But don’t be afraid to let those tears flow. Crying is vital for cleansing, clearing, and healing. 

With four feminine energies at play, we are bound to experience some watery release. If you get a chance, try to do some ritual work at a natural body of water, such as the ocean, a river, a pond, a lake, etc. Taking a spiritual bath, enjoying a foot soak, or steaming your yoni will also be beneficial cleansing activities during this time. You will feel refreshed and clear if you ritualistically or otherwise engage with water over the next two to three weeks.  

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

By May 12th, our attention will shift to matters related to the collective, technology, innovation, and advancement. This will be a welcome breather from the intense energy that Scorpio brought our way. As such, we will be heavily entrenched in finding ways to make a better, brighter future for our progeny.

With the influence of so many feminine luminaries, our emphasis will most likely be on reproductive or procreative efforts. This may be in the form of creating technology, revolutionizing parenting practices, or procreating in some form or fashion.   

Mercury Direct

Mercury will go direct on May 14th in the sign of Taurus, where it has been stationed since retrograding on April 21. This movement likewise shed light on our relationship dynamics and our financial sector. Chances are you had stagnant, repetitive, or eye-opening energy directed toward these areas. As Mercury stations direct in the same sign, it will be time for us to course-correct. 

Mercury will bring us enlightenment in these same areas as he touches our finances, romance, health, and beauty sectors through the end of May and into mid-June. He will expect you to make the right moves since you have had a chance to revisit these areas. Hopefully, your review will help you make better decisions in the future.    


Jupiter Enters Taurus

On May 16th, Jupiter will likewise enter Taurus. This will be a very gregarious time for many. Though Jupiter in Taurus will square Pluto in Aquarius the next day, so tread lightly during this period. The great benefactor will square off with the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation. This action will make it difficult to move forward in the areas they touch. In this case, our ability to innovate, revolutionize, or even progress in financial, romantic, and health-related endeavors will be thwarted somewhat. You may actually feel stuck for 3-5 days or so during this activity. 

But don’t fret. All will be well as Jupiter settles in Taurus over the next 12 months or so. You will have plenty of time to rejoice as we will all enjoy gifts in these same areas during Jupiter’s transit in Taurus. The stalls we experience at the beginning of this time will give us the necessary pause to reconcile matters. In this case, we will make the required adjustments related to endings or closures in the material world. This way, we can truly enjoy the blessings that Jupiter brings during its tour in Taurus.