Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching Services

We currently offer life coaching services in diverse areas including:

  • Romantic Relationships
  • Empath Development & Expression

Romantic Relationship Coaching

Our romantic relationship coaching services are designed to help individuals who experience repeated difficulties in romantic relationships or for those who have difficulties establishing romantic relationships.

Our life coaches will help you understand how your past relationships impact your current way of relating, the connection between the purpose of your life and your relationships, and how to ultimately be successful in romantic relationships.

Our goal is to provide you with insight into how the different areas of your life must be in sync in order to have meaningful and enjoyable romantic relationships.

Regardless of your current relationship status, our coaches will help you understand key factors that have impacted your love life. We then get you to the point where you are ready to have successful romantic relationships.


Our unique romantic relationship life coaching program will equip you with the skills to:

  • Overcome past relationship obstacles
  • Assess and develop personal attributes that contribute to relationship health
  • Discover the unique variables that contribute to the different communication styles between and among diverse genders
  • Understand how successful romantic relationships can impact and enhance other relationships
  • Achieve overall wholeness and relationship satisfaction
  • Discover how your romantic relationship is integral to your life purpose

Empath Development & Expression

An empath is a highly sensitive individual who can often feel the emotions of others and the world around them. Many people have this latent ability that typically develops in varying stages and degrees. Often a person becomes aware of this ability later in life as they experience certain physical, emotional, or spiritual phenomena. 

This gift can be used in many capacities in an individual’s life and in the lives of others when properly nurtured. Many people are unaware of how to fully develop their empath abilities or how to properly express them. This often leaves them confused or frustrated. With proper training and guidance, you can harness your empath abilities and use them to serve yourself and others.

Our empath development coaching services are designed to help individuals who have recently discovered or who have intuitively known that they are empaths. Our coaches can assist you as you learn to develop and navigate your skill set. Our life coaches will help you understand the many variables related to empath ability development and expression including:

  • How empaths receive emotional input
  • How to recognize your unique empath abilities
  • How emotional healing occurs
  • How to maximize your empath abilities
  • How to minimize emotional drain

Coaching BEnefits

Our unique empath development and expression coaching program will equip you with the skills to:

  • Understand what emotional energy is and how it transfers
  • Uncover and heal past emotional traumas
  • Discover and cultivate your unique abilities and talents as an empath
  • Understand the reciprocal benefits of providing emotional healing
  • Maintain holistic wellness as an empath while providing emotional healing to others

Package Details

Each of our life coaching packages includes the following services:

  • 90-Minute In-Take Consultation
  • 60-Minute One-on-One Sessions
  • Detailed Session Reports
  • Unlimited Email Support

You can select one or more of our standard services or design a customized package to suit your needs.