Lenglensou: Spirit of Vengeance in Haitian Vodou


Lenglensou is a well-known and dangerous guard spirit within the Haitian Vodou pantheon. Though this loa is widely revered in Haiti, his character and manifestation are not as well known in the Western world. He is believed to be the ultimate judge of justice, punishing those who have wronged others.

This loa is not to be played with as he is not as jovial and free-spirited as his cooler contemporaries. Instead, he provides protection and ensures that justice is served for those who have been wronged. Likewise, he exacts vengeance in the worst way. As such, he is regarded as a symbol of strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Rituals involving Lenglensou have been around for centuries in Haiti and are still practiced today. These rituals are very sacred and often guarded as Lenglensou moves quickly and is known to wreak havoc in the worst way. Not only does he serve as a source of justice for victims, but he also does bidding for individuals who don’t always have benevolent motives.

In this episode, Ritchy Thermidor and I discuss the importance of understanding the nature of this loa before approaching him. Likewise, we dive deep into how one should go about connecting with this spirit. So join us as we discuss Lenglensou’s attributes as a guardian spirit on the African Spirit Reintegrated + Reimagined podcast.