Journeying into Spiritism | Wisdom Live Talk

In this live Wisdom talk, I talk about journeying into spiritism (Vodou, Ifa, Santeria, etc.) from the perspective of a newbie. Spiritism or spiritualism beliefs are embedded in the existence of spirits and communication with these spirits. This concept is not a religion or spiritual practice in and of itself. Instead, it is part of many traditional belief systems practiced by indigenous people groups around the world.

Beliefs about the spirit world have been around for as long as humans have. People believe that spirits are immortal and reside on earth for the entire time until a new life starts. Spirits act as messengers to people who have passed away and can also be used for healing purposes.

In spiritism practices, people communicate with ancestral and other spirits for guidance and advice. This communication may be direct or through a spiritualist such as a priest, priestess, medium, psychic, guide, etc. In this episode, I explore this topic in more depth from the perspective of African spirituality.

So, if you are interested in journeying into any of the following forms of spiritism, this discussion is just for you:

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