Harnessing the Power of the Moon

Harnessing the Power of the Moon

The power of the moon is phenomenal since this luminary is one of the fastest-moving energies in the heavens. This celestial body transitions about every two and a half days. Though she doesn’t get as much attention as the sun, everything is centered around her movement. She directs the ebb and flow of life on earth. She governs the tides of the ocean, influences the mood of humans and animals, and impacts the growth of plants.  

She was first seen before the sun’s light was ever visible on planet earth. Just as night comes before the day, the moon’s essence is seen and felt before the sun breaks the day. Thus, this luminary sets the tone for the next 24-hour period. 

The moon is feminine energy and coincides with our maternal nature. She expands and contracts as she goes through cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. Just like human mothers, her mood and energy dictate the personality and emotions of those closest to her. She gives, withholds, or takes away the essence of life as she moves through her many phases. This ability bestows immeasurable power upon this often-overlooked celestial force.

The Power of the Moon

But, those who do so make a big mistake. If we simply gain wisdom from the movement and phases of the moon, we can likewise rule our world. If you are interested in harnessing the power of the moon, pay attention to her phases. And give proper honor and reverence to her so that you may benefit from this powerful heavenly host. The guide below outlines ways to work with the eight major phases of the moon to achieve beneficial outcomes in your daily life.

New Moon

During new moon phases, you cannot see this celestial body in the night sky. Instead, the darkness looms in her place. This is a time of conception when ideas are born and the best-laid plans are made. Therefore you should use this time to set intentions for what you desire to accomplish. 

You can set short or long-term goals during this phase. Expect to experience some or all of them manifesting about six months later when the moon is full in the same astrological constellation. For instance, if you set intentions when the new moon is in Sagittarius, expect some or all the fruits of your efforts to manifest when the moon is full in this same sign about six months later.

Waxing Crescent

About 3-4 days later, the moon can barely be seen as a crescent as she bears a slither of light. This is the perfect time to prepare for projects or upcoming events. It is a great time to do research, make lists, or otherwise gather information or resources. If you are engaging in spiritual work, this is the best time to put together recipes or supplies for ritual work. But, it isn’t necessarily the ideal time to do ritual work that involves working with the moon.

First Quarter

About seven days after the new moon, half of the moon is visible. This is a great time to share your plans, projects, etc., with others. If you own a business, the first quarter moon phases are the best time to start working on new products or services. These periods are also ideal times for soft reveals when it comes to business, family, love, health, or other matters. 

You will most likely have a more positive and hearty reception when the moon is likewise just beginning to reveal her splendor. This is also a great time to invest in projects, people, or even the stock market. During this moon phase, you have more clarity and insight to make sound decisions.

Waxing Gibbous

After another 10-11 days past the new moon, this celestial body becomes even brighter. Her full girth is almost in view, though is not 100% at this point. However, she is on the precipice of giving birth. During this phase, it is important to keep pushing toward the next phase of your journey. This is the time when your burdens may feel the heaviest, and you may want to give up. If you have just started or released a project, program, or another endeavor, this is the time to press full steam ahead. 

You must ensure that your endeavors get enough energy to bear as much fruit as possible. For instance, if you just started an exercise program, you need to give it all you have during this stage. The first couple of weeks of most new endeavors is usually the toughest. Your muscles may be sore, and you may feel weak, but this is only an indication that it is working. So don’t let challenges throw you off balance. Instead, keep going until you see the results you desire.

Full Moon

Typically, 14 days after a new moon phase, the moon is fully visible in the night sky. This is when she shines in all her glory, and the night sky is more illuminated. This is the stage when she begins to release her gifts to the world. It is likewise the time for us to release our power and magic.    

Full moon periods are perfect for publicizing projects or works. But be careful during lunar eclipse phases because the energy isn’t always stable during these times. Otherwise, this is the ideal time to let it all out and let it go. It is also the perfect phase to begin any type of transformative work.  

Waning Gibbous

Another 17-18 days into her cycle, and the moon is starting to shed her light. She is still pretty full and very visible, but she is slowly releasing her energy. During this phase, she is very powerful as she is infused with high-level cosmic energy. 

During this phase, you will likewise have the energy to keep moving. So, keep the energy going. If you just released a book, product, or project to the world during the full moon cycle, this is the time to spread the word. You will have enough momentum to do so, and your plans should be well-received.   

Last Quarter

During the latter 21 days of the moon cycle, she is halfway visible in the night sky. But unlike a first-quarter moon, her radiance is beginning to dwindle. As such, this is an auspicious time for reflective and introspective work. It is not the ideal time to busy ourselves with new projects or burdensome activities. 

Instead, we should begin to wind down and review our past actions. It’s during these times that we learn great lessons from the universe. In doing so, we can fully let go of the things that aren’t serving our highest good. 

Waning Crescent

The approximate 24-27 days of the moon cycle bring everything to a hard stop. She is finally finished with her cycle of conception and birth. Now it’s time for rebirth. During a waning crescent, we can barely see the moon’s light. In some instances, this phase can easily be confused with the start of a new moon cycle.  

At either rate, the quiet solitude of the cosmos during this period indicates that it’s time to take a breather. When the moon rests, so should we. Her absence of light typically kicks our melatonin into high gear, causing us to be more weary and sleepy during this phase. Don’t fight it if you don’t have to. Try to sleep in or use this dark phase to engage in meditative activities.

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