Haitian Vodou Reading Services

Haitian Vodou is an African-derived spiritual system that was born on the island of Hispaniola as a direct result of the transatlantic slave trade. It is an amalgamation of continental African and Taino spiritual systems. As such, it is likewise considered an African diaspora spiritual system.

In fact, it is considered one of the most powerful forms of spirituality throughout the world. This is due to its involvement in the Haitian Revolution of 1804, which ultimately led to the country becoming the first independent black nation.

Vodou or voodoo means spirit, as this is the basis of the practice. In this system, ancestral spirits and loa (gods or spirits) are contacted through divination to give us solutions to our problems. These spirits assist with a variety of issues, including money, relationship, spiritual, social, and other concerns.

Haitian Vodou is a solutions-driven practice. The purpose of consulting Vodou is to get remedies for your problems, which means that you will always need treatment services beyond a reading or investigation. Vodou remedies usually include special rituals and ceremonies that involve giving offerings, performing sacrifices, consuming herbal concoctions, taking spiritual baths, etc.

Nature and Scope of Services

Our Haitian Vodou reading services offer real solutions to real-life problems. In Haitian Vodou, an Houngan (priest) or Manbo (priestess) connects with the spiritual realm to determine the source of their client’s problems or concerns. These issues may be related to health, finances, family, love, etc. In Vodou, we believe that the spirits are capable of assisting with all our concerns.

Oftentimes, the Houngan or Manbo first makes contact with the loa that he or she regularly works with. However, information may be presented about different loa, ancestral, and other spirits during the divination session. Either of these spirits can deliver critical messages related to the specific issue that a client is seeking help with. Sometimes the spirits may also give insight into other problems or challenges that the client may be experiencing.

The Haitian Vodou reading services that we provide are in alignment with traditional Vodou practices. This means that we seek to help our clients understand underlying issues that are adversely impacting their lives. The ultimate goal in this process is to assist our clients in aligning with their individual destiny or soul mission.

Black magic or witchcraft is not within the scope of our practice – we do not harm or manipulate the will of others. While our Vodou remedies may result in the acquisition of love, financial gain, improved health, elevated social status, or similar results, we do not engage in malevolent or manipulative spellbinding.