Haitian Vodou: Mystery of the Cosmos Series on Spotify

Haitian Vodou is one of the most revered and feared ancestral-based spiritual traditions derived from African and indigenous people groups on the Caribbean Islands. This often misunderstood system was the basis for Haitian liberation and its subsequent domino effect throughout the Americas. Beyond revolution, Haitian Vodou is a catalyst for powerful individual and societal change.

In the dynamic series Haitian Vodou: Mystery of the Cosmos, Vodusiants Ritchy Thermidor, and Dr. Asanee Brogan outline the inner workings and deep mysteries of this compelling spiritual system from the Haitian perspective. They present an enlightening profile of Haitian Vodou as they explain the essence of spiritual forces venerated in this system.

Listeners also get an inside look at sacred rites and rituals as they demonstrate core techniques for serving the spirits, provide interpretations of common incantations, and give a basic introduction to the Haitian Kreyòl language.

Haitian Vodou: Mystery of the Cosmos podcast episodes are only available in video format from Nov 28, 2022, through Aug 28, 2023, on Spotify. To gain exclusive insights and illuminating depictions of Haitian Vodou in this limited series, subscribe to the African Spirit Reintegrated + Reimagined podcast.