Haitian Vodou Divination: What to Expect During a Reading

Haitian Vodou Divination

Haitian Vodou divination is used to gain insight into the spiritual world. And it helps one understand the hidden messages of life. These readings are performed by a trained Vodou priest or priestess who interprets symbols, signs, and energies from the spiritual realm. Through these readings, people can gain clarity on their current situation. Also, this information assists them in making decisions that will help them move forward in life.

The history of Vodou readings can be traced back to West Africa, which is considered the birthplace of voodoo. Prior to, during, and after colonization, African people used divination to communicate with spirits and facilitate ritual healing. And it is still a standard part of African traditional religions.

The practice was brought to Haiti by enslaved Africans during the colonial period. And over time, this form of divination evolved into its own distinct form of spiritual practice. Today, Vodou readings are still widely practiced in Haiti and other parts of the world. Through them, people receive ancestral guidance, healing, and clarity about their life’s purpose. If you’re looking to make a positive transformation in your life, a trainer Vodou reader can be a great asset.

In this episode, Ritchy Thermidor and I reveal what happens during a Haitian Vodou divination session. We discuss the ins and outs of the process and the best ways to prepare for it. Likewise, we talk about what clients should do after getting a Vodou reading. So join us as we discuss what to expect from a Haitian Vodou reading session.