Grann Briggite’s Veve

Grann Briggite's Veve

Grann Briggite has a somewhat complicated history in Haitian Vodou, especially in comparison to her consort Baron Samdi. Grann Briggite is typically considered to be the wife of Baron Samdi as she is the queen of cemeteries and graves. Though consistently associated with the morbid, she has a jovial and fun temperament, and she is a festive dancer. And the veve of Grann Briggite likewise symbolizes these attributes.

She is said to have traveled to Haiti with Irish and Scottish indentured servants. This is one reason why she is often represented as a white woman. However, others say that she traveled from Africa during the transatlantic slavery period. Some consider Grann Briggite to be an incarnation of the Yoruba Orisha Oya, as she is likewise closely associated with the dead. Therefore, she is also sometimes depicted as a deity of African heritage.

Grann Briggite’s Attributes

Either way, Grann Briggite is a very powerful healer. She is often called upon to heal terminally ill children. Fertility issues are also within the realm of her healing domain. Particularly concerned with women’s rights, Briggite acts on behalf of women who are abused or neglected in society.

Likewise, she is often consulted for financial and legal ills. Her position as the Judge in the Court of Spirits provides her with imminent power. As such, she favorably settles disputes on her petitioner’s behalf.

Grann Briggite’s day of the week is Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday, depending on the sosyete (Vodou society) that you belong to. The colors purple, violet, and black are universally associated with her imagery. And her number is 9, which symbolizes death, endings, and transition.

Grann Briggite Veve Symbolism

Loa Grann Briggite’s veve prominently features a heart at the top and an upright triangle bearing the cross at the bottom. These symbols simultaneously represent the feminine and masculine principles that are embraced in a love connection. The heart is indicative of the soul as it relates to passion, drive, and desire. The upright triangle bearing the cross embraces the traits of sulfur or volatility, dryness, and heat.

The Sacred Heart

Located inside the heart are two solar words indicative of logical and creative wisdom. The heart also contains 12 feathers, and four additional feathers are located on the premises of the upright triangle bearing the cross. Feathers constitute the principle of the sky god and likewise correlate to morality or justice.

Feather Inspiration

The 12 feathers in the heart signify optimism, joy, inspiration, and hope, especially in relation to spiritual resolutions. The four feathers outlining the upright triangle bearing the cross symbolize balance, which invites the presence of divine spiritual beings. In totality, there are 16 feathers which is the number of cosmic order in many African traditional religions.

Star Power

The heart is likewise surrounded by eight stars indicating spiritual procreation or the ability of spirit to replicate itself. A ninth star hovers over the right corner of the heart. Altogether the nine stars depict the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, which are inherent attributes of Grann Briggitte. Additionally, her insignia incorporates 16 crosses bounded by upright traits, which correspond to mercurial water or the water of life. This element provides for eternal health and the resurrection of the dead when the principle of divine cosmic order is present.