Full Moon January 2023 in Cancer | Astrology & Tarot

On January 6, 2023, we will experience a full moon at 16 degrees of Cancer. It will impact individuals with major planetary aspects between 11-21 degrees of this sign the most. But it will likewise influence individuals with planets in corresponding water and cardinal signs at the same degrees. Full moon phases are a great time to conduct release rituals to let go of the old and make way for the new.

During this full moon, we will experience the dark side of this maternal energy. It may bring up past childhood trauma, especially related to your relationship with your mother. You may find that you are teary or more emotional during this moon phase. If so, don’t hold back your tears. Crying is a great way to release negative energy. But be careful about how you express yourself when dealing with emotional upheavals. 

About a week or so after this full moon, you may find that you wish to have more dialogue about past trauma and pain. And this energy will be better for having more diplomatic conversations. So if possible, hold off on heated conversations until the moon begins to wane over the next couple of weeks. You will be able to accomplish much more in the proceedings weeks than addressing such issues at the height of the full moon.

You might even find yourself desiring more autonomy in your relationship dynamics over the next few months. Exploring past childhood trauma may cause you to rethink romantic partnerships and how they have been shaped by your upbringing. This may spark a desire for you to carve your own path as your desire for freedom and balance grows in intensity. You may find yourself releasing outdated ideals about marriage, sex or gender roles, childbearing, childrearing, etc.

Mercury will go direct on January 18th, so prepare for a few energy shifts as this planet stabilizes in the sign of Capricorn. At this time, we can all expect to be more focused on our work efforts. This is the perfect energy for those returning to the workplace after the holiday break. You will have more energy, focus, and motivation to get the job done.

Finally, the sun will transition to the sign of Aquarius just before we enter another new moon phase. At this point, we will be more focused on the collective rather than our individual needs. It will be the ideal time to have those hard conversations sparked by the full moon energy on Jan 6th. You will find it easier to broach difficult topics and be more willing to compromise and find an amicable solution for all involved.   

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