Full Moon in Pisces Sep 2022 | Astrology & Tarot | Career, Business, Finances


Get ready for the following cosmic transitions in the upcoming weeks as we experience the full moon in Pisces on Sep 10, 2022. As always, the full moon is a great time to engage in release rituals, so start preparing to let go of the old to make way for the new.


  • This energy will help us release our visions to the world as we work diligently to live the life of our dreams. We will have a greater drive to share our plans with others or communicate our desires to our spiritual team. But be careful as Mercury goes into retrograde motion at the same time as this full moon. This means that it is not the best time to publish our ideas. Instead, spend time reviewing and revising things you have already published or plan to publish. 
  • We may also find ourselves more dreamy or delusional as the moon fills the sky in the sign of Pisces. Piscean energy helps us to feel more lucid and inspired by visions. As such, this is the perfect time to connect with visualization processes such as vision boards, affirmations, or meditative practices that provoke us to imagine the impossible.
  • Pisces energy can also keep us in la-la land sometimes. So, be careful not to go overboard as you daydream about a brighter future. Also, be careful not to consume too much television, social media, etc. Give yourself time to recharge, envision, and come up with ideas. But be careful about binging or becoming delusional during this time.
  • Also, be careful about getting too emotionally caught up or trying to save the world. Pisces can go deep in these areas, which may leave you with regrets if you overpromise or overspend as you focus on the needs of others.


  • This moon will help us settle or smooth out communication dynamics. It will give us the fortitude to look at both sides of an issue and come up with an amicable resolution for all involved. So use this energy to negotiate and have diplomatic discussions about issues that concern your career, business, and finances.

SEP 21: Jupiter semi-square Saturn

  • Things may become a bit tense as you try to reconcile the pleasurable and practical aspects of your business, career, and financial dynamics. You may find yourself wanting to take a break, but your workload beckons you to do otherwise. The energy can get a bit tense during this time. But don’t fret, as the energy will only temporarily impact us during this motion.

SEP 22: Sun enters Libra

  • This is a time for Libra to celebrate as you give thanks for another spin around the sun. During this time, the sun will beam its light into our relationship sector, bringing us balance, harmony, and diplomacy.
  • This is the perfect time to collaborate with partners and colleagues in business, career, and financial matters. In particular, you will want to harmonize matters that may have caused issues in the past. With Mercury in retrograde motion, old issues are bound to come up. But with the sun positioned in Libra, we will be on the right frequency to resolve these issues.

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