Full Moon in Capricorn Astrology | July 3, 2023

Full Moon in Capricorn Astrology | July 3, 2023

On July 3, 2023, we will experience a full moon at 11 degrees of Capricorn. It will impact individuals with planets and positions between 6-16 degrees of this sign in their natal charts the most. But it will likewise influence individuals with planets in Taurus, Virgo,  Aries, Cancer, and Libra at the same degrees. Full moon phases are a great time to conduct release rituals to let go of the old and make way for the new. They are also great times to harness the moon’s power in other beneficial ways.

Capricorn energy is about discipline, dedication, diligence, and focus. This sign challenges us to work hard for what we want. And it can present challenges along the way as it is ruled by Saturn. During a full moon in Capricorn, we can expect our hard work to pay off. So whatever you have been diligently working on over the past six months or so should reap dividends for you this month.

And since this is full moon energy, you may just be in the spotlight during this period. This is especially true for individuals with strong energy from the sun, moon, ascendant, or midheaven points in Capricorn. Likewise, if Saturn is in Capricorn in your chart, you most likely be celebrating your wins publicly throughout the month of July. And you will have good reason to cheer.

Last Quarter Moon in Aries

On July 9th, the moon will move to the sign of Aries during its last quarter phase. This will slow us down somewhat as we bask in the glow of our accomplishments. Aries is a fiery energy, but during a last quarter moon cycle, its energy is softened. Instead of revving up your engine, you will most likely be reviewing your projects and intentions.

You will gain greater insight and understand the process even better. And this time will be especially sobering since Neptune is in retrograde motion. It may be necessary to make a few adjustments to your plans or goals as you move forward.

With so much supportive energy during this time, you will figure out what to do. Many will feel the need to let go of things that no longer serve them. And Aries’s energy will give them the courage to do just that. During this phase, you will probably start making plans to initiate any changes that need to be made.

Pallas in Virgo

Goddess Pallas will visit Virgo on July 10th, bringing us the wisdom we need for healing. Both Pallas and Virgo are practical energies focused on the beneficial use of our intellectual capacities. In this case, we will glean the knowledge we need to heal our heart and head spaces. Likewise, we will focus on reconnecting our intellectual and intuitive faculties. This energy is necessary for restoring our creative energies after trauma or abuse.  

Mars in Virgo

Starting July 10, 2023, Mars will enter the sign of Virgo, giving us the energy to get organized. You might do some decluttering in your home or office. Mars is enterprising and loves to initiate new things. This energy gives us the motivation to get going, and Virgo provides us with insight and intellectual capacity to find our way. Virgo likewise helps us organize our mental and physical spaces for maximum efficiency. 

So, you may also feel more health-conscious during this time. As such, your focus could be on deep cleansing your holistic being. This is especially the case with Pallas entering Virgo on the same day. You may be inspired to start a new exercise routine, go vegan, or otherwise engage in ways to improve your well-being. Virgo rules the digestive tract, so you will likely be very in tune with your eating habits.


Mercury in Leo

Before we head into the full moon phase, Mercury will transition to Leo on July 11th. During this time, our conversations and thoughts will center around family. And we will be focused on enjoyment and pleasure with those dear to our hearts. Mercury rules communication and intellectual capacity, and in Leo, this energy is bold, creative, and playful. 

So, you may be inclined to bask in the sun by sunbathing, sun gazing, or otherwise connecting with fiery energy. It will be the perfect time to engage in sun rituals as we enjoy the upcoming summer solstice. Regardless of what you decide, you will most likely want to get out and play during this time.


Adekai by Jah West X Queen Sandra


This full moon on July 3, 2023, is filled with joy and celebrations. You will most likely have a few wins under your belt by the time the month is over. It is time for you to see the fruits of the labor that you have been working so hard for. Now is your time – take some time to relax and restore yourself.

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