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full moon Aries Oct 2022

Get ready for cosmic transitions in the upcoming weeks as we experience the full moon in Aries on Oct 9, 2022. As usual, the full moon is a great time to engage in release rituals. This action will help us let go of stagnant and negative energy over the next six months. So get ready to dive into these energetic shifts as the moon enters Aries.

Oct 9: Full Moon 16° Aries

  • Aries is the action-oriented zodiac sign that is sure to bring fire and heat whenever he takes center stage. As such, we can expect to be very passionate and full of go-getter energy during this full moon season. This applies doubly to initiatives that are aligned with our destiny and identity. So get ready to get your engine in gear as you fire through your to-do list.
  • Full moon energy is known to cause erratic and sometimes dangerous behavioral patterns. As the moon teams up with Aries, the fire of these two energies can surely get us going – and always in the right direction. On his warrior side, Aries is an aggressive fighter, ready to tear down anyone who crosses his path. As such, it will be vital for us to keep our emotions in check in all matters during this period.
  • With Mercury stationed direct, this is the ideal time to start new initiatives or engage in aggressive communication projects. It is also a great time to realign organizational visions and missions or hire new personnel. You will find that you have more energy to push through mundane tasks and whip through major projects. This energy will help you multitask and increase your money-making game so use this time to get in extra hours with your side hustle.

Oct 17: Last Quarter Moon 19° Cancer

  • The next notable cosmic shift is the last quarter moon in the sign of Cancer. This moon will bring motherly, nurturing energy to help us feel safe and secure. While the moon is at home in the sign of Cancer we will be able to bask in her maternal glow while gleaning much-needed wisdom from this fountain of love.
  • So take this time to rest and reset after the hustle and bustle you have experienced over the past week. This moon energy will help us to slow down and prioritize love in all we do. As such, work with the moon to help you get in touch with your feminine side in business, career, and financial endeavors. In doing so, you will find ways to add depth and value to your work beyond its functional purpose.

Oct 23: Venus Enters Scorpio

  • The planet of love will pair with the sign of sex, mystery, death, and rebirth. This could impact us in many ways in business, career, and financial matters. You may find yourself caught up in an office romance or illicit affair, or you could find yourself mulling over a lost love. Otherwise, your relationship may undergo some major shifts and transitions that could impact your financial sector. 

Oct 23: Sun Enters Scorpio

  • The sun will join Venus in Scorpio, shining even more light into the shadow world. This energy will help us better cope with relationship dynamics as the sun sends positive rays to this otherworldly zodiac sign. In business, career, and financial matters, we may have a keener focus on the metaphysical world. We may encounter more paranormal or psychic information that gives us insight into how to manage these areas of our lives. So be sure to take care of your ancestors during this season so they can better assist you.


  • Saturn will turn direct on Oct 23 in the sign of Aquarius. That means that the disciplinarian will be in full effect. During this period, we have a greater need and desire to be structured and practical in our activities. So if you have been struggling to focus and stay on track, get ready for Saturn to put you back on course. This energy will be ideal for all business, career, and financial endeavors as we are bound to get more done and create order and structure in our daily lives. We will likewise be able to structure and deliver creative ideas with more ease and efficiency.
  • Juno will turn direct on Oct 23 in the sign of Pisces. While this asteroid has more to do with our relationships than our finances, it can still have an impact on how we sort monetary matters. As Juno picks up her normal pace in the sign of Pisces, we may find that we need more space in our relationship dynamics. Prolonged or permanent separation can impact our finances in many ways. You may find yourself spending more money as you seek a more independent existence. Or you may find yourself romanticizing your partner as Pisces energy can make us dreamy, which can cause us to overinflate the importance of our mates. As such, watch your spending during this time.

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