Full Moon in Aquarius Astrology | August 1, 2023

full moon August 2023

On August 1, 2023, we will experience a full moon at 9 degrees of Aquarius. It will impact individuals with planets and aspects between 4-14 degrees of this sign in their natal charts the most. But it will likewise influence individuals with planets in Gemini, Libra, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio at the same degrees. Full moon phases are a great time to conduct release rituals to let go of the old and make way for the new. They are also ideal for harnessing the moon’s power in other beneficial ways.

The full moon in Aquarius possesses unique qualities that set it apart from other lunar cycles. As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is known for its forward-thinking, innovative nature and emphasis on individuality. This celestial event holds significant influence over our lives, offering a fresh perspective and stimulating our minds. Unlike other signs that may be driven by intense emotions, Aquarius encourages us to step back and view situations objectively. This detachment allows us to approach challenges with a rational mindset, making it easier to find innovative solutions.

There isn’t much action at the beginning of this full moon phase, which is a relief based on all the movement we experienced during this past new moon phase. Now, it’s time to relax from all the hustle and bustle we encountered over the past few weeks. In January 2023, many started working on innovative projects that should begin to realize fruit during this full moon phase. Fortunately, the cosmos will give us some time to enjoy without much chaos.


Chances are your sense of freedom and independence was on fire at the beginning of the year. This especially applies to those with significant Aquarius energy in their charts. But, it probably impacted the majority of us at some level since Pluto’s transformative nature is shaking up some things in this sign over the next 20 years.  

You may have been feeling stuck or stagnant at the beginning of the year. And chances are the cosmos presented you with knowledge and resources to help you progress. If you have been steadily working with these resources, you will achieve the freedom you desire in the coming weeks or months. 


Our sense of rebellion and revolt is also governed by Aquarius. So you may have felt insurgent as we transited into 2023. And no wonder since society as a whole has started experiencing vital uprisings in many areas. If you entertained this energy, you might see the dust of revolt begin to settle during this full moon phase. And you will likely be grateful that you took action to change your circumstances as you enjoy a newfound sense of freedom. 


Aquarius also rules technology, space travel, and the internet. So you may have started or revolutionized projects connected to these areas. And this could be related to almost anything, such as virtual classes, social media connections, AI integrations, and the like. Whatever you started during that period will begin to show forth its value during this full moon. And that means progress for you. 

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Last Quarter Moon in Taurus   

The last quarter moon will wane in Taurus on August 8. This moon phase invites us to reflect upon our progress toward achieving our goals and desires. It urges us to assess how far we have come on our journey and make any necessary adjustments or course corrections. During this phase, we may find ourselves drawn towards practicality, seeking stability in both the physical and emotional realms. The energy of Taurus encourages us to ground ourselves, reassess our values, and ensure that they align with what truly matters to us.

And this is a time to breathe a sigh of relief, as your material foundation should be solidifying by now. Chances are you found a viable means of improving your love or financial life, or health over the last six months. So the Moon and Taurus will allow you to rest your mind from any fears, worries, or doubts you have had related to these areas. However, things may be fairly slow with so much retrograde activity at play.

Neptune Semi-Sextile True Node

On August 15, Neptune in Pisces will be semi-sextile with True Node in Aries. A sextile is an aspect between two planets that are 60 degrees apart. It creates a harmonious relationship between the planets, which can manifest as positive energy in your life. This specific energy can make your dreams come true, at least for starters. Since it’s semi-sextile, the angles aren’t fully complete indicating that we will feel some of this activity gearing us up for the months ahead.  

Neptune in Pisces is about our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. While North Node in Aries gives us the drive to accomplish our soul mission. It aligns us with our purpose and empowers us to go after our heart’s desire without fear or caution. Sextiles can bring opportunities, luck, and harmony into our lives. They can also help us figure out how to best use our strengths and improve our weaknesses. And with the moon in Taurus during this period, we can go for our goals without being too concerned about our material foundation. 

Saturn Semi-Square Chiron

On the same day, Saturn in Pisces will semi-square with Chiron in Aries. A semi-square is an aspect of two planets or points in the sky that are 45 degrees apart from each other, forming an angle of 90 degrees. This aspect can bring out qualities that represent both planets, as well as create tension between them. During this period, Pisces will be entertaining its ruler Neptune, and its not-so-friendly astral consort, Saturn. Saturn is already debilitated in this sign, and semi-square activity only makes it worse.

These two opposing energies will therein oppose Chiron, who is likewise situated in Aries along with True Node. So, some will feel a little tension when it comes to remaining disciplined and focused. Chiron in Aries is typically healing and nurturing when it comes to our sense of value and self-worth. But Pisces can be a bit self-loathing at times. Saturn disciplines and requires attention to detail, while Pisces loves to live in the netherworld. 

So, expect a bit of friction in these respective areas. You may find yourself being hot-tempered or quick to move when it comes to nursing your wounds or those of others. You can easily get agitated when you don’t see the results you desire in these areas. In doing so, you may find yourself moving too fast. Or you might feel like giving up altogether. But don’t fret, as this energy will pass quickly. And soon, you will be back to your usual self.   

Juno in Leo

This full moon cycle will conclude with Juno entering Leo on August 15th. So our attention will be focused on the home front. Leo sits in the house of pleasure, creativity, and family, among other things. Likewise, Juno rules committed relationships, and her emphasis is on compatibility and teamwork. So you can expect some pleasant energy on the home front. You and your partner may discuss long-term plans, such as marriage, cohabitation, procreation, etc., during this period.

You may even find yourself craving excitement or drama in your love life. These dynamics could lead to passionate interplay between you and a committed partner as you explore ways to spice things up. In a world full of routines and responsibilities, it’s essential to keep the spark alive in our relationships. That’s why embracing creative endeavors, embarking on thrilling adventures, and expressing grand gestures of affection can make all the difference in keeping the flame burning with your mate. And you may find the inspiration to do so as Juno visits Leo in the coming weeks.


The full moon in Aquarius in August 2023 reminds us to let go of outdated beliefs and open our minds to new possibilities. The energy of this full moon is one of innovation and creativity. It is an opportunity to break free from the restraints that limit our progress. And it’s a time to discover our true potential as we move toward our soul purpose.

It is easy to get caught up in the expectations and limitations set by others. However, this full moon reminds us that true growth and fulfillment come from embracing our authentic selves and daring to challenge the status quo. Encountering change can be daunting, often pushing us out of our comfort zones. But it is through these moments of discomfort we truly discover our potential and unleash our creative powers.

So, let go of any fears or doubts holding you back. Embrace your inner rebel and allow yourself to explore new possibilities. Whether it’s pursuing a new career path, starting a project, or simply expressing yourself freely, now is the time to take bold leaps forward. Trust the universe’s guidance during this time, as it may lead you toward greater fulfillment when you surrender to its flow.

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