Financial Astrology October 2023

Financial Astrology October 2023

The financial astrology report for October 2023 looks good, as this timeframe will hold all the action. The month starts with Mercury communicating with Libra, which means that balance will be set in place throughout the month. This is especially the case with the upcoming eclipse in Libra. So, if you have been trying to balance out your finances, this is a great time to do so. In fact, the Universe will probably do it with little effort from you.

Venus will likewise enter Virgo on the 8th, so the emphasis will be on organizing your finances and work routine. You may have encountered major shifts in this area over the last year and a half or so throughout the Venus-Scorpio eclipse season. But it is set to end this month. So Venus will come to close out lingering financial situations that no longer serve us as she visits the Sun and Moon on the 28th. But more on that aspect shortly.

Mars will visit Scorpio on October 12th, allowing you to uncover some hidden details, possibly linked to our finances. Or you may be working behind the scenes as you strategize your next financial moves. You will likely keep whatever you working on to yourself until you feel ready to reveal it. This energy will have many focused and determined to reach their goals. And this is perfect timing since it will be supercharged by two eclipses this month.

Solar Eclipse in Libra

The annular solar eclipse in Libra on the 14th will start to bring us back in balance. Mergers, collaborations, partnerships, etc. that started around April of this year should balance out and gel during this time. Many will see their team efforts pay off handsomely during this season. Also, note that eclipse effects typically impact us up to a month before and after they occur. So, some may have started feeling this energy around mid-September.

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Another lunar eclipse will hit in the sign of Taurus on October 28th, ending the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse season. It should bring an end to turbulent economic times. But it can also foretell an end to certain economic opportunities. This could include job loss, organizational restructuring, business or project closures, or other financial upheavals. But any changes during this time will be for our good. 

This visit will be finite and firm, so you won’t have a chance to revisit these dynamics. But don’t fret because the solar eclipse in Libra is slated to balance everything out. This means that if you lose an opportunity, a better one has already presented itself or is waiting around the corner. There isn’t much you really need or can do during eclipse season. These events change the dynamics all on their own. So, prepare yourself by staying in the energy of gratitude and maintaining holistic balance.

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