Financial Astrology May 2023

Financial Astrology May 2023

According to the financial astrology outlook for May 2023, not much activity will happen at the beginning of the month. Instead, this energy will be more playful and fun-hearted. Juno will enter Gemini, and Pallas will enter Leo on the 2nd of the month. This will present the perfect energy for having fun in the sun.

We will be all about enjoying our family during this time, especially as Ceres goes direct on the 6th. There will be a lot of maternal, loving, nurturing energy at play as we enter the month. Though the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 may overshadow this energy for some. 

Money-related issues could be uncovered during this time, and some may have challenges acquiring inheritances, lottery winnings, and the like. Conversely, this full moon may reveal hidden financial prospects in these same areas for others. It could go either way, as eclipse energy is unstable and full of surprises. Though lunar eclipses are more prone to bring closure or endings.       

Venus in Cancer

Many of us may feel more optimistic about financial prospects around May 7 as Venus enters Cancer. Likewise, Mercury will go direct on the 14th, and Jupiter will enter Taurus two days later. So, any financial issues that plagued you last month may turn around fairly swiftly. But be careful with your spending – try to save and invest as much as possible during May, as the energy will be a bit wonky. 

New Moon in Taurus

The new moon in Taurus on the 19th might also have us taking a fresh look at our finances. This is the ideal time to strategize and plan, as Taurus will help us target key areas of our finances that need organizing. This energy is compounded with Jupiter squaring off with Pluto two days before. 

So it looks like financial struggles related to the eclipse this month may be adversely affecting plans for some. Overall, this will not be the best time to spend disposable income. It looks like those impacted by this energy need to hold on to their coffers until this battle is over. For others, it’s still not the best time to go overboard. You might regret expensive or extravagant purchases made during this time.       

Mars in Leo

Mars will transition into Leo on May 20th, which will have us energized as the sign of fun, family, and pleasure entertains the planet of action. You may feel impulsive during this time, but don’t be too quick to act. Instead, use this fiery energy to enjoy the pleasures of life with temperance, intention, and mindfulness. This is another great time to play with sex magic or engage in similar ritual work to manifest prosperity. It’s also an ideal time to enjoy low or no-cost activities with your family without breaking the bank.