Financial Astrology July 2023

Financial Astrology July 2023

Coming into July, we will experience a full moon in Capricorn, the zodiac that rules our career sector. So our money-making potential will be center stage in the first two weeks of the month. With Neptune in retrograde motion, you will be thinking very logistically about your work life. And throughout this phase, you might be making strategic career moves according to the financial astrology forecast for July 2023.

Your focus may be on promotions, salary increases, career changes, entrepreneurship, etc. Whatever plans you set in motion at the end of December 2022 will come to fruition during this time. You were most likely strategizing on how to make more money. You may have sent out a few resumes, created or revamped a business plan, or otherwise made plans to solidify your career prospects. Well, expect those plans to materialize within the next few weeks or so.   


About two weeks into the month, both Pallas and Mars will enter Virgo, creating the ultimate sense of balance in our work routine. You will probably focus on ways to work smarter, not harder during this phase. You may decide to work from home or start a home-based business. Likewise, you could choose to move to be closer to your job or work abroad. The sky is ultimately the limit when it comes to how we get the job done during this phase.

Soul Mission

Around mid-month, there will be a true node retrograde in the sign of Aries. Jupiter in Taurus will also semi-square Neptune in Pisces on July 17th. Likewise, Chiron will retrograde in Aries on the 23rd. All of this energy will have us in deep, introspective thought about our identity and how we have or wish to connect to our destiny. It will be the perfect time to review your career. In doing so, you are sure to discover your true passion. 

And you will likely be more determined than ever to go for what you want, especially as it relates to how you earn money. For some, this will be directly tied to career shifts in many aspects. It could mean changing certain aspects of your career or leaving the workforce altogether. Whatever decision you make, it will be heavily influenced by your desire to fulfill your soul mission.


Venus will likewise retrograde in the sign of Leo on June 22. This will not be the best time to engage in new financial endeavors. In fact, you probably won’t even feel like doing so. Instead, focus on reviewing your financials and budgeting during this period. 

Try to avoid large expenditures, especially as they relate to leisure, entertainment, health, and medical procedures. Also, steer clear of indulging in pleasure pursuits, as it could come back to haunt you in the near future. Though this will be the perfect time to work with a financial coach or advisor to help you get your money in order.

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