Financial Astrology for September 2023

The financial astrology outlook for September 2023 will be very similar to that of last month. Jupiter will retrograde in Taurus on the 4th, slowing things down even further. Jupiter is the great benefactor, and his retrograde motion in the sign that governs finances is not necessarily going to liven up the economy. Instead, this energy will have us thinking about our finances on a deeper level.

Many will shift their financial focus and come up with new ideas for managing their money. During this time, many will reflect on their belief systems regarding their financial security. You will probably consider ways in which you have been lavish or expansive with your spending. In doing so, you should devise plans to reorganize your money in beneficial and profitable ways.

Many of the events of the past few months will shape your new ideals and have you thinking about how to grow your wealth. Likewise, you might even take a more generational approach to wealth-building. Your mind may be on entrepreneurship quite a bit during this period.

You could decide to open a savings or brokerage account, start a business, buy real estate, or otherwise invest your money in appreciable commodities. And this will be the perfect time to strategize about such endeavors. However, it is not the best time to take action. 

Instead, plan during this period and wait until the end of the month, about a week or two after Mercury goes direct, to take action. Venus will be in full swing by this time since she went direct at the beginning of September. So, the money wheel should start turning again by the end of the month. 

Also, keep in mind that Vesta will enter Cancer on September 13th. Likewise, the moon will fully illuminate in Aries on Sep 29th. This energy will give us the spark we need to keep going. Even more, we will garner the intuitive know-how during this time to understand the best money-making strategies for our individual lives in 2023 and beyond.

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