Financial Astrology for November 2023

Financial Astrology for November 2023

This financial astrology for November 2023 looks promising. This month begins with Vesta retrograding in Cancer on the 2nd. We will have an opportunity to see how our internal flame has motivated us to grow in our Divine Feminine energy. And this energy is the essence of material abundance that lives within all of us. We will take a step back and see how much we have grown through our money-making pursuits in 2023. Likewise, we will be able to fine-tune any areas that have not served us well.

There is some semi-square activity between Jupiter in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces on Nov 5th. This energy could impact wealth-building activities for some. Finding a balance between material stability and your purpose or spiritual fulfillment is crucial during such periods. And this energy will guide us down this path.

The cosmos wants us to understand that it’s not just about having financial security but also about nurturing our inner selves and finding true meaning in what we do. Striving for this harmony can lead to a more fulfilling and well-rounded life experience. In this unique time, there are abundant possibilities for personal growth through tangible pursuits and financial stability.

Balance and Harmony

Venus enters Libra on the 8th, giving us even more energy to balance out our financial dynamics. Some of us will be happy, depending on the decisions we have made. Others may not be so enthusiastic if they have not made sound financial choices. Either way, we will have the energy we need to harmonize our finances moving into the next year and beyond.

Optimism and Expansion

Mercury also communicates with Sagittarius on the 10th, so we will open our minds to expansive thinking as we explore new ideas. Since Sag also influences our wallets through the extravagant gifts of its ruling planet Jupiter, many will be more optimistic as well. You will likely see the beginning of any long-awaited financial blessings you have been pursuing in 2023 fall into place. And it will be well-deserved for those who have put in the work.  

Also, by the end of the month, three celestial bodies, the Sun, Mars, and Ceres, line up in Sagittarius. This energy is sure to give us even more cause for celebration. By this time, the economy should be on an upward trajectory. And plenty of people will be filled with holiday cheer. 

Many will also be filled with wisdom and ready to make a new go at it. Some may decide to travel or work abroad during this time as a means of earning or gaining extra income. This will be an ideal time to begin planning an expat career. It’s likewise a great time to share your abundance with others, especially with so much gregarious energy at play.   

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