Financial Astrology for June 2023

Financial Astrology June 2023

June 2023 is set to be an interesting month for financial astrology. As the planets align, we expect to see a few shits in financial markets. There will be growth and maturation in the economy as well as within us internally. So get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor while planning for the future. 

Venus in Leo

By mid-year, we can expect to see some forward movement in the economy. As Venus enters Leo on June 5th, we may experience even more joy in our finances, romance, and health. All of these factors can influence our overall financial outlook. This will give us even more opportunities to have fun in the sun as those in the Northern Hemisphere will be revving up for the summer season.

I am all about balance, so I say live it up without getting yourself into debt during this period. You will probably desire to enjoy yourself, especially at the beginning of the month. But stay focused on your end goal as you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Be mindful and budget as you enjoy your summer. 

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

On June 11, the Pluto retrograde phase will enter Capricorn. This will give us an opportunity to review any changes that have impacted our work life in any way. If you experienced endings or major shifts when Pluto was last stationed direct in Capricorn, expect to be in an analytical mode during this time. You will get the chance to see how these changes have affected your life. And this will be the time to course-correct. 

Even if you weren’t deeply impacted during the previous period, most of us will think about changes in our career sector. Some may be redefining what success looks like and means to them. And others will be plotting how to attain the success they desire. This time will be highly reflective for many. So use it for your benefit as you plan for financial independence and transformation.    

Mercury in Gemini

On the same day, Gemini will entertain its ruling planet, Mercury. In this position, Mercury is at home, squarely positioned in our social house of communication. It will be the perfect time for high-level business conversations and meetings. Depending on the position of these heavenly bodies in your natal chart, you may get some useful tips to help you take your finances to the next level. So be especially prudent to take notes and jot down useful ideas.   

Sun, Juno, and Mercury in Cancer

From June 21-26, three astrological bodies will meet in the sign of Cancer. The Sun, Juno, and Mercury are set to traverse this sensible, emotional, intuitive, and maternal sign at the end of the month. During this time, you will be more inclined to “feel” your way through financial decisions. In which case, go with your gut when it comes to money-making moves.

If your heart tells you to do something different than what your financial advisor says, go with your intuition. If you are not adept at working with your intuition, you can find useful strategies for improving it in my free guide. You will probably be more inclined to nurture and protect your finances during this period instead of spending or investing aggressively. 

Ceres in Libra

During this same period, the asteroid Ceres stations in Libra. Ceres, a dwarf planet located between Mars and Jupiter, is said to bring about change and transformation when it enters Libra. This could have profound effects on individuals, depending on their birth chart. It could lead to changes in our career paths or living spaces. 

Libra rules intellectualism, and both astral bodies are concerned with our finances. So, this may have many pursuing higher education to enhance their career or business prospects. We may also see some encouraging numbers in the housing market. So, if you are looking to lay down roots, this may be the perfect time to house hunt.    


Overall, June 2023 will be quite introspective when it comes to financial astrology. Likewise, this month will give us an opportunity to let our hair down a bit. At the beginning of the month, we will be warmed by the energy of the sun, and many will desire to play a bit. But we will get enough energy around mid-month to force us to focus on what’s important. By the end of the month, it will be time to settle down and take a deeper look at our goals.