Financial Astrology for February 2023

Whether you’re looking to start a business, invest in stocks, or just save up for something special, February 2023 will present plenty of ways to make money. There will be a number of astrological events that will support our financial advancement during this season. Take a look at the financial astrology for February 2023 based on the energetic shifts happening this month.

Mercury Direct

By the time the month starts, Mercury will be in full swing in direct motion giving us the go-ahead to make our money work for us. February will be one of the best times to implement money-making strategies in 2023. Chances are the Universe dropped some ideas in your mind about how to make the best of your resources in December and January. This month, you will have the green light to work your magic.

Vesta in Aries

Vesta will enter Aries on the 7th of the month, giving us the energy to move forward. This will be the right time to spread your wings and look for or work with opportunities that can help you achieve financial independence. If you are into spell work, this is the perfect time to engage in sex magic and other types of money rituals. Use that passionate sexual desire to achieve financial wealth.

Whatever you do during this time, you will have the ideal energy to start a new business or a program, project, etc., related to an existing business. Also, if you are thinking about releasing a project, book, etc., do so by the 18th to capture the essence of this energy. Though there will be other ideal times throughout the year if you are quite ready to publicize your work or offerings. So, don’t feel rushed.

Venus in Aries

Venus will likewise enter Aries on the 20th, giving us even more fire, passion, and desire to realize our dreams. And Jupiter will be quintile with Pluto on Feb 26th, helping us to focus intensely on bringing abundance into our lives. This vibe will have many individuals intensely focusing on their destiny or soul mission.

But, it is not the time for action. Instead, use this energy for contemplating, strategizing, and planning how to align yourself best to achieve financial abundance. You will have better days to take action in the coming weeks.

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