Financial Astrology for April 2023

Financial Astrology April 2023

April 2023 is an important month for financial astrology, as it marks the beginning of a new cycle of planetary influences that will impact our economics. Understanding the influences of these planetary movements can be very beneficial. This information can help you identify potential opportunities for investments and other money-making strategies. With a better understanding of planetary influences, you can make wise decisions and live a more impactful life.

Venus in Gemini

Venus will transition to Gemini on April 11th, putting us in touch with our fun-loving, flirty side. This energy may have you wanting to go out and live it up. But not so fast – remember that most of this year will have us facing an economic recession. So stick to your money-making strategies for 2023. Live a little, but not too much. And make sure that you have a nest egg and emergency fund before you get too wild. 

You will most likely feel very social during this period. And it is the ideal time to network and make some money connections. This may be in the form of business partners, associates, or clients. Or you may spark up a new friendship or romantic relationship that leads to financial opportunities. So, try to circulate as much as possible, but watch your spending.

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Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries

This energy may test your patience, but sticking it out will be best during this time. The total lunar eclipse on April 20th may give you a chance to live it up. This time will be ideal for entrepreneurs. You may see an influx of new business, or if you just started your business, you might encounter promising rewards. The universe will surely drop something special in many of our wallets. The sun and moon will be situated in Aries on the same day giving us the green light to start something new.

Now is the perfect time to begin planning for your business. With the start of a new moon total eclipse comes new opportunities. So if you are considering starting a business, pivoting, or adding components to an existing one, make your plans during this shift. Doing so will help you make the most of your time and resources as you move forward with your venture. And you will most likely come up with some grand ideas on how to make everything work out for the best.

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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Either way, you still need to play it safe during this time, as this event will be followed by Mercury retrograding in Taurus. Though the universe may bring you something nice during this time, it is not the best period to begin new projects on your own. Instead, let the universe do your bidding. You may find yourself working with old clients, being called back to your old job, or reaping the rewards of previous investments. 

But keep in mind that Taurus rules our finances, romance, and health. Thus, this is not the best time to ask for a raise, promotion, or more money from a client. It is also not the ideal time to take out a loan or otherwise make large financial commitments in your personal or professional life. You may find yourself dealing with health challenges that could cost you more than you anticipated spending during this time. So, the best money-making strategy for the end of this month will be to review your finances, set a budget, and work with the tools you already have.

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