Financial Astrology August 2023

Financial Astrology August 2023

The financial astrology for August 2023 looks pretty hopeful but somewhat sluggish and possibly conflicted for some. The beginning of the month will start off fairly calm. Though some who are impacted by the Pluto in Capricorn square off with True Node in Aries on July 28th may have a few challenges in the workforce. Chances are you will be battling with yourself in terms of your occupation and your purpose.

Similar to July, August will not be the best time to engage in new, innovative, or aggressive money-making strategies. If you are thinking about taking on a new job or changing careers, try to hold out until October. That is if you wish for the position to be long-lasting. But if you are seeking a temporary gig, you should be fine moving forward. 

Also, avoid spending on new equipment or trying out new marketing strategies, etc., in your business. Instead, stick to tried and true methods that have served you well in the past. And this goes for any financial endeavor you may pursue during this time. Mercury begins to retrograde at the end of the month, but the energy can impact some 2-3 weeks before it begins.


This month is a great time to dream and visualize your financial future – the energy will be supportive for doing so. Try working with a vision board to flesh out your desires. And lock in the vision you desire for yourself. 

Thereafter, continue to work with this apparatus, as the Universe will bring your desires if you remain focused and steadfast. As such, it’s vital for you to plot out exactly what you desire. Be as specific and accurate as possible in this regard. The seeds you show during this time are bound to take root in the near future.

Slow Movement

By August 23, we will be in the midst of four retrogrades as Mercury will slow down in the sign of Virgo. Venus and Chiron began their retrograde seasons last month. And on the 28th, we will experience another retrograde as Uranus creeps through the sign of Taurus. So, by the end of the month, these luminaries will have things moving pretty slowly. And we should follow suit by slowing down the pace a bit to get our affairs in order.


The stock market will most likely experience a downturn around this time. But don’t get discouraged, as the economy should rev up within a couple of months. So focus on saving, investing, and getting organized.

Put back as much extra money as you can during this time. Concentrate your investing efforts on funds that you have already worked with. Cryptocurrency and similar financials may be pretty volatile during this time, so hold off if you are new to this market. But if you already have a sound strategy, try to purchase funds while they are discounted. You should see a decent payout in about six months.

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