Ceres Retrograde in Libra | February 3, 2023

Ceres Retrograde February 2023

From February 3, 2023, through May 6, 2023, the asteroid Ceres will retrograde in the sign of Libra. Ceres will slow down at 6 degrees of this constellation, and her impact will be felt the greatest between 1-11 degrees of Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. So if you have major planets or significant points positioned in these areas, get ready to feel the impact of this movement.

During this phase, Ceres will hold back on her maternal grasp. She will remove your rose-colored glasses, which may cause you to struggle to see the beauty in life. As such, those impacted the most by this action may find it difficult to feel nurtured or cared for. Old thoughts of feeling unloved, unsafe, abused, or rejected may surface for some. You may be more depressed or anxious if you have suffered major childhood trauma. 

Love Attraction Ritual

Maternal Healing During Ceres Retrograde

Wounds and scars from your upbringing related to your mother may surface during this time. They will showcase themselves to give you the impetus to heal them. If you have neglected or become estranged from your mother, this retrograde motion will help you understand the importance of reconciling this relationship. This is just as important even if your mother is now in the ancestral realm.

Likewise, it may cause you to reflect on ways in which you have shrunk yourself to please your mother or others. Or you may realize that you have lost your voice due to a lack of speaking up for yourself. Likewise, you might notice how your self-sacrificing tendencies are actually self-defeating and harmful. Also, you could become aware of how some or all of these dynamics have adversely impacted your health.


Ceres may also teach you some hard lessons about your spending habits or living a consumeristic, lavish lifestyle. If you have turned to material things to assuage your pain and hurt, you will need to confront this reality at some point. This will be for your overall good as it will lead to balance and harmony.  

Healthy Boundaries

If your search for the perfect maternal love has yielded unfruitful results, Ceres retrograde will teach you to set healthy boundaries. And likewise, she will encourage you to take proper care of yourself through nutrition, exercise, and other nurturing behaviors. This may force you out of the habit of seeking love in the wrong places. At least that is the goal and what the energy is available for. It will be up to you to do the work to enjoy the benefits of this astrological movement. 


Ceres Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that occurs when the asteroid Ceres appears to move backward in its orbit around the sun. Instead, this heavenly body is slowing down, giving us a chance to reflect on various aspects of our lives. This retrograde motion can have a powerful influence on our lives, affecting our relationships, finances and emotional state.

The meaning of Ceres Retrograde has been studied by astrologers for centuries. During this period, it is believed that we are more likely to experience feelings of insecurity and instability in our lives. It can also be a time of reflection and re-evaluation of our goals and values. By understanding the meaning behind this celestial event, we can gain insight into how we might best navigate through it. So use this energy for self-improvement and development.

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