Sacred Animals in the Ifa Tradition

Most traditional spiritual systems consider animals to be sacred because of their characteristics and connection to the astral realm. The Ifa tradition is no different in regarding certain animals as being sacred. In the Ifa religion, a wide variety of spiritual animals represent different aspects of life. In many instances, these animals are connected to … Continue reading Sacred Animals in the Ifa Tradition

Procession for Iemanjá with followers of religions of African origin

Ifa and Christianity

Some people who convert to Ifa from Christianity wonder if it is okay to practice Ifa and Christianity together. While there is no hard and fast rule as to whether such a practice is acceptable or not, there are a few things you should consider before making such a decision. The Ifa religion is a tradition practiced … Continue reading Ifa and Christianity

Is the Ifa Religion Evil?

Ifa is a religious system that is often misunderstood. Many people assume that it must be evil because many deities are worshiped in this African traditional religion. However, this is not the case. The Ifa religion is actually based on the belief in one supreme god or creative force, Olodumare. It is only through the … Continue reading Is the Ifa Religion Evil?

Egbe Orun in the Ifa Religion

Egbe Orun is a Yoruba term commonly translated as heavenly or spirit companions. It simply means astral mate or society of individuals that belong in heaven. According to traditional Yoruba beliefs, everyone has Egbe Orun or peers that reside in heaven. Yoruba cosmology asserts that all humans come from heaven. At the beginning of creation, … Continue reading Egbe Orun in the Ifa Religion

Egungun in the Ifa Religion

According to Yoruba folklore, Egungun is part of the most prominent ancient deities or spirits in West Africa. Egungun is a manifestation of the spirit of the ancestors returning to earth to bless and celebrate with their descendants. This spirit also defends, warns, or punishes their earthly family based on how they interact with them.  … Continue reading Egungun in the Ifa Religion

Orishas of Love

The Orishas of Love in the Ifa Religion

The Yoruba people believe that gods and goddesses govern different aspects of life. Love is a particular aspect of life that attracts many people to the Ifa tradition. Some seek out this religion to find love or heal their love life. Others focus on bringing passion or peace to their relationships. Either way, many Orishas … Continue reading The Orishas of Love in the Ifa Religion

Orishas of Prosperity

Orishas of Prosperity

There are a number of different Orishas associated with wealth, abundance, and good fortune. Prosperity is an important concept within many Orisha traditions like Ifa, Santeria, Lucumi, etc. It is often seen as a sign of blessing from the deities and, as such, is something that is highly sought after. For this reason, there are … Continue reading Orishas of Prosperity

Orisha Aje

Aje in the Ifa Religion

Orisha Aje is known as one of the primary goddesses of wealth and prosperity in the African traditional religion of Ifa. This deity aids in the accumulation of riches and prevents financial misfortune. She is a prominent Orisha that anybody who desires financial abundance, growth, and sustenance should possess. Ifa belief holds that anyone who … Continue reading Aje in the Ifa Religion