Lenglensou: Spirit of Vengeance in Haitian Vodou

Lenglensou is a well-known and dangerous guard spirit within the Haitian Vodou pantheon. Though this loa is widely revered in Haiti, his character and manifestation are not as well known in the Western world. He is believed to be the ultimate judge of justice, punishing those who have wronged others. This loa is not to … Continue reading Lenglensou: Spirit of Vengeance in Haitian Vodou

Haitian Vodou Divination

Haitian Vodou Divination: What to Expect During a Reading

Haitian Vodou divination is used to gain insight into the spiritual world. And it helps one understand the hidden messages of life. These readings are performed by a trained Vodou priest or priestess who interprets symbols, signs, and energies from the spiritual realm. Through these readings, people can gain clarity on their current situation. Also, … Continue reading Haitian Vodou Divination: What to Expect During a Reading

Ezili Freda’s Veve

Erzulie Freda is part of the Erzulie family of loa in Haitian Vodou. These are a group of spirits associated with femininity. Sometimes referred to as Erzulie Freda Dahomey, this beloved and well-known spirit is the loa of love and luxury in Haitian Vodou. Her qualities include romantic love, health, passion, beauty, vanity, elegance, opulence, … Continue reading Ezili Freda’s Veve

Erzulie Dantor’s Veve

Erzulie Dantor is part of the Erzulie family of loa in Haitian Vodou. This group of spirits is associated with femininity. However, Erzulie Dantor often exhibits masculine traits. Her manifestation usually connects to what modern-day society refers to as the “independent woman.” She can be fierce, aggressive, temperamental, and hard to deal with at times. … Continue reading Erzulie Dantor’s Veve

Grann Briggite’s Veve

Grann Briggite has a somewhat complicated history in Haitian Vodou, especially in comparison to her consort Baron Samdi. Grann Briggite is typically considered to be the wife of Baron Samdi as she is the queen of cemeteries and graves. Though consistently associated with the morbid, she has a jovial and fun temperament, and she is … Continue reading Grann Briggite’s Veve

Baron Samdi’s Veve

Baron Samdi or Baron Saturday is probably one of the most well-known and favored loa in Haiti and throughout the world. This beloved spirit is the gatekeeper of the dead and leader of the Gede family of loa. Baron is often confused with Papa Legba because of his gatekeep role, but these are not the … Continue reading Baron Samdi’s Veve

What is a Vodou Vèvè?

A vèvè or symbol is used to represent a loa (spirit) in Haiti and other African diaspora traditions. However, this type of symbology is by no means unique to Africa or the African diaspora. Though Haitian Vodou vèvès are probably among the widest known among all traditional spiritual practices. But today, not many people know … Continue reading What is a Vodou Vèvè?

Vodou - A Way of Being Interview

Vodou – A Way of Being | Exiled Minds Podcast Interview

Haitian Vodou is an ancient religious tradition that has been passed down for generations. It is a spiritual practice that combines elements of African, Catholic, and Native American beliefs and practices. This religion has had a profound influence on the culture of Haiti, from its music to its art and literature. Vodou gods, or loa, … Continue reading Vodou – A Way of Being | Exiled Minds Podcast Interview