Career Coaching Price List

Career Coaching Price List

Expat Career Coaching

We equip prospective expatriates with the skills they need for navigating the global workforce. We help prospective expatriates find their passion and align their career trajectory with their passion. We support entry level and mid-career seekers and career changers through every step of their expatriate journey.

30-Minute Session: $50

1-Hour Session: $100

Expat Interview Coaching

We equip expatiate job-seekers with the skills they need to master the interview process. We customize mock interview sessions for specific job opportunities. We also create generic mock interview sessions to help job-seekers prepare for interviews in their chosen career field. We offer customized coaching sessions to help job-seekers formulate resolute answers to common and industry-specific interview questions.

Mock Interview Session: $70

Interview Coaching Sessions: $100

Interview Coaching Package: $360