The Benefits of Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties

Breaking Soul Ties

Have you ever felt as though your relationships are holding you back? Have you felt like something is preventing you from moving forward in life? If so, then it’s time to consider breaking soul ties that you may have unwittingly developed. This type of healing work can help free you from unhealthy bondages and allow for healthier relationships with others. It can also help break negative karma and facilitate energetic flow. These dynamics can improve your life in a myriad of ways. 

If you feel like your soul is being held back by a soul tie that you need to break, there are various techniques you can use to do so. From casting a soul-tie-breaking spell to using visualization techniques, etc. There are many ways to break free from these energetic bonds. In traditional religions, such as Ifa, standard and effective rituals are conducted on behalf of the client to alleviate one from this type of bondage. 

These rituals involve life-force offerings and sometimes taking herbal concoctions. But regardless of the method, they are pivotal in removing unhealthy bonds. In most instances, the client doesn’t need to be present when this type of work is performed. Instead, an orisha receives sacrifices and offerings and does the bidding on your behalf.

How Soul Tie Connections Form

Soul ties can manifest in the form of karmic or soul relationships, where we attract people with whom we have a deep connection. These bonds can be positive and negative. It ultimately depends on how our energy interacts with another person’s energy.

These dynamic connections usually start from strong emotional connections in the case of romantic relationships. They eventually progress and are solidified through the act of sex. However, you don’t have to be sexually involved with someone to form a soul tie with them. Soul ties are sometimes formed between close friends who frequently interact with each other. 

When you consistently share an energetic field with another person, you automatically connect with their energy. For passing interactions, these bonds are often short-lived and easily broken. However, when you consistently share a living space, bed, clothing, vehicle, or other items with a person, your energetic frequencies begin to mesh. It usually takes longer to overcome tight-nit dynamics such as these.

But if sex is involved, it can be a different scenario altogether. Sex is a bonding glue that maintains all soul ties. Some may be stronger, while others are weaker. Either way, breaking a sexual soul tie requires some level of spiritual intervention. In the case of weaker soul ties, self-directed ritual work is usually sufficient for breaking these cords. However, stronger ties are impossible to break without life force offerings and sacred herbs, in some instances.

The Cord that Binds

A soul-tie bond often lingers well beyond your last encounter with a person. These bonds usually have you thinking about each other or even sharing synchronistic experiences. You may be able to “feel” this person when they are not around. Or you might think about them and shortly thereafter receive a phone call or text message from them.

In most instances, these types of connections are very healthy. In fact, they were designed to keep people together through the toughest times. This invisible cord helps us maintain long-lasting relationships. And this is essential in marital, parental, and familiar connections and friendship dynamics.

But if a soul tie is unhealthy, it can be detrimental on many levels. It may make it difficult for you to forget about a person, even when you are ready to move on. You may think about them obsessively to the point where it is challenging for you to participate in your normal daily activities. Even more, you may not be able to resist their sexual advances or set healthy boundaries with this individual. 

Also, soul ties can develop through nonconsensual sexual encounters such as rape or molestation. Usually, these types of soul ties cause a person to ruminate about the event obsessively. And in some cases, these individuals develop post-traumatic stress disorder, which can leave them severely mentally, emotionally, and spiritually debilitated. Herein is when the cord needs to be cut.

The Benefits of Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties

Breaking unhealthy soul ties can be a difficult and daunting task. It can leave us feeling confused, scared, and even guilty. However, the process of releasing ourselves from these bonds is necessary for our spiritual healing and growth. A soul-tie-breaking ritual or spell is one way to help us break free from these unhealthy connections so we can create healthy relationships with others. 

By using this type of spell, we can release ourselves from negative karma and emotions that have been holding us back for too long. In doing we create and allow ourselves to take advantage of beneficial opportunities. We receive romantic, financial, social, and other dynamics that have been blocked by unhealthy soul ties. With the help of powerful soul-tie-breaking rituals, we can move forward on our journey toward true freedom and peace of mind.


Self-healing is a journey of empowerment and growth. It is a process of shedding wounds that have been inflicted upon us throughout our lives. To begin this journey, it is important to start with a soul-tie-breaking ritual. This type of ritual will help to break any unhealthy ties or connections that may be holding you back from living your fullest life. 

It will also help create an energetic space for you to start your journey of self-healing and empowerment. By doing this, you can free yourself from any negative influences and reclaim your power. So take the first step today to empower yourself with a soul-tie-breaking ritual!

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