African Spirituality Beliefs

African Spirituality Beliefs

Are you aware that African spirituality beliefs are the original contributions to modern-day spirituality? They are a living example of the inseparable nature of the spiritual and physical worlds. A feature of African spirituality is that humans are holistic beings, meaning that we see spirituality and everyday life as one and the same. It is … Continue reading African Spirituality Beliefs

Ancestor Veneration in the Ifa Tradition

Ancestor Veneration in African Spirituality

Ancestor veneration is not the same as worship. Ancestor reverence is not solely for soliciting help but to fulfill one’s family obligation. In which case, ancestor veneration involves honoring and elevating our lost loved ones. African societies believe that ancestors require sustenance from their offspring, and their customs involve giving food and other offerings to … Continue reading Ancestor Veneration in African Spirituality

Egungun in the Ifa Religion

According to Yoruba folklore, Egungun is part of the most prominent ancient deities or spirits in West Africa. Egungun is a manifestation of the spirit of the ancestors returning to earth to bless and celebrate with their descendants. This spirit also defends, warns, or punishes their earthly family based on how they interact with them.  … Continue reading Egungun in the Ifa Religion

Aje in the Ifa Religion

Orisha Aje is known as one of the primary goddesses of wealth and prosperity in the African traditional religion of Ifa. This deity aids in the accumulation of riches and prevents financial misfortune. She is a prominent Orisha that anybody who desires financial abundance, growth, and sustenance should possess. Ifa belief holds that anyone who … Continue reading Aje in the Ifa Religion

Sango in the Ifa Religion

Sango (Shango or Chango) is a prominent and respectable Orisha within many African spiritual practices. He is one of the ancestral fathers and Orishas of the Yorubas. However, devotees also venerate this deity within other diasporic traditions practiced in the Americas and other parts of the world. As a highly revered deity of thunder and … Continue reading Sango in the Ifa Religion

Ogun in the Ifa Religion

The Orisha Ogun appears in several traditional African belief systems throughout the diaspora. However, he is most notable as the elemental deity of iron in the Ifa tradition. Ogun was believed to be a warrior and a powerful spirit of metalwork (blacksmith) during his time on earth. Likewise, he is well known for rum-making in … Continue reading Ogun in the Ifa Religion

Oshun in the Ifa Religion

Oshun, sometimes spelled Osun, is another Orisha of the Ifa tradition practiced in Yorubaland, Nigeria, and other parts of the world. Popularly known as the river goddess Oshun’s link to water, love, purity, fruitfulness, and fertility are vital to her essence. As one of the most potent Orishas, Oshun also embodies human traits like jealousy, … Continue reading Oshun in the Ifa Religion

Oshunmare in the Ifa Religion

Oshunmare, also spelled Oshumare or Osumare, is another Orisha in the Ifa religion. Oshunmare signifies the "rainbow" or the coming together of heaven and earth. The origins of the worship of this deity can be traced back to the Yewa realm of African heritage. Several religions describe Oshunmare as having a feminine and masculine essence. … Continue reading Oshunmare in the Ifa Religion