Appeasing Egbe Orun: Feeding Your Astral Mates for Improved Well-Being

Appeasing Egbe Orun (astral mates or heavenly peers) is an important part of traditional Yoruba culture. Egbe Orun are our astral mates and a very important part of our spiritual team. And it is believed that if one appeases Egbe Orun, they will be blessed with good fortune and protection. This process involves a variety of rituals, offerings, and sacrifices meant to honor these spirits and ensure that they care for us properly. 

I have discussed the topic of Egbe Orun in a previous post. However, that post focused more on the essence of these spirits and their impact on our lives. In this post, I dig deeper into our connection to our Egbe and how to appease them to enjoy a peaceful existence in this life.

In the Yoruba culture, traditional ceremonies, offerings, and rituals are used to placate these spirits. But this process is typically not as straightforward as feeding other spirits. As such, this post will explore the different rituals used to appease Egbe Orun in the Ifa religion. And it will examine some of the benefits of engaging in these rituals for individuals, families, and communities.

Signs of Misalignment with Egbe Orun

Many people are unwittingly out of alignment with their Egbe Orun. They suffer persistent problems that are the typical calling card of their astral mates. However, they continuously endure these issues because they are unaware of these spirits. And in some cases, they give up trying to fix them. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, if they understand these signs, they can placate their astral mates and enjoy a better existence. Though it is important to note that many of the indicators of Egbe misalignment can also mimic mental and physical health issues. Therefore, it is prudent to do a comprehensive health check-up when determining the roots of any of these issues.  

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are one of the primary signs of misalignment that gets most people’s attention. I have discussed this in greater depth in a previous post, so I won’t get too detailed here. But suffice it to say that individuals with persistent issues getting or staying in a romantic relationship may have issues with their heavenly peers. You will find that ritual work related to these areas often involves feeding Egbe Orun.

Spiritual spouses are notorious for ruining relationships as they want their Earthly mates to be with them – in heaven. Therefore, they will do everything to make the individual’s life miserable. In doing so, they make the person desire to return to heaven.

Financial Problems

Our astral mates are some of the primary deities responsible for our financial well-being. As such, they can and do cause all kinds of financial mishaps to get a person’s attention. This may be in the form of the person consistently losing or misplacing their money. Though it can also be related to losing money in financial dealings such as investments, lending, houses, businesses, etc.

Aside from the financial loss, our heavenly peers can also block financial opportunities. This usually manifests in an individual not being able to secure employment. Or it could result in persistent job loss or underemployment despite the individual’s best efforts. And in some instances, the person could consistently make mistakes on the job leading to involuntary termination. 

Verbal Self-Talk (Soliloquy)

People who are misaligned with their astral mates often engage in soliloquy, which is a form of verbal self-talk without regard or knowledge of the presence of others. Usually, these individuals will have a full verbal conversation with their Egbe that may or may not be intelligible to others. Oftentimes people mistakenly think that they are communicating with themselves when they are actually talking to their heavenly peers.

This symptom is often dismissed or regarded as a mental illness. And it is commonly seen among the unhoused community and those confined to mental health institutions. In some cases, these individuals have bona fide mental illnesses. However, in many instances, these individuals suffer from misalignment with this vital group of spirits. But a qualified diviner can distinguish between the two through Ifa divination.   

Isolation and Loneliness

Individuals dealing with this challenge likewise suffer from isolation and loneliness quite often. They may tend to isolate themselves from others and simply prefer being alone or around a very small group of individuals. On the other hand, they may have challenges making and/or maintaining friendships despite their best efforts. This sign can be tricky because it can mimic social disorders with other root causes. The best option for determining whether this or other signs are related to Egbe connections is to get an Ifa reading.

Chronic or Terminal Illnesses 

Longstanding and fatal sicknesses may also be the handiwork of your astral mates. These spirits play a vital role in our health and physical well-being. As such, they can cause illnesses to get your attention or bring you back to Orun. Thus, it is worth investigating to see if any morbidities you suffer from are related to your Egbe.

When Should You Appease Your Astral Mates?

Appeasing your astral mates is critical to living a happy, successful life. There are three primary timeframes for when you should engage in this activity. However, other situations may apply to Ifa devotees and initiates.

First, it is vital to feed your Egbe whenever they request offerings through divination. Of course, this scenario impacts individuals who engage with the Ifa system full-on, casually, or somewhere in between. It may be revealed in a general reading that your Egbe require specific offerings. Otherwise, you can get an Ifa consultation to determine if this is the case in your situation.

Second, you should feed your Egbe whenever you feel intuitively led to do so. This situation is more common for someone who practices within the Ifa tradition. Though it may apply to individuals who are casual onlookers and simply want to pay homage to these spirits. 

If you practice Ifa and have an Egbe icon, you should feed your Egbe periodically. Usually, individuals in this category maintain a schedule, whether weekly, biweekly, monthly, or somewhere in between. If you choose to go this route, it is imperative that you dutifully feed these spirits regularly.

Ways to Feed Your Egbe Orun

Egbe orun are fed based on their class for the most part. In general, many Egbe groups receive offerings of sweets, plantains, and specific animal sacrifices. However, special classes of Egbe take particular offerings. It is imperative to feed your heavenly peers according to traditional guidelines. Otherwise, you risk giving them taboo items that may cause them to disturb you even more.

In other instances, individuals may be required to take Akose (sacred herbs) to appease their Egbe. This normally happens when the individual is experiencing significant issues. In which case, they might be required to force certain members of their astral mates to give them space.

In other instances, a person might be required to engage in specific rituals or ceremonies to appease their Egbe. Even more, some may need to initiate as a way of appeasing their Egbe Orun. In doing so, they can enjoy a closer connection to them. This may be necessary to prevent or ameliorate an illness or even ward off impending death.

The Benefits & Results of Appeasing Egbe Orun

Our astral mates can disturb us for many reasons. In some instances, it’s because they miss us and desire for us to be with them. In other instances, people have not fulfilled certain obligations they made before coming to Earth. And still, in other instances, some people come from mischievous Egbe classes that like to stir up trouble.

Whatever the reason, appeasing Egbe Orun can bring balance to individuals, families, and communities. The individual will benefit from better life circumstances in the areas where they have previously suffered. The family benefits by enjoying the happiness, talents, and productivity of this individual within their bloodline. And each of these attributes enhances societal order, thereby resulting in salient communities.