About Dr. Myia Moore

Dr. Myia Moore

Dr. Myia Moore is a registered pharmacist in the state of Georgia. She received a B.S. in Genetics from the University of Georgia and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Mercer University in Atlanta, Ga. Her career as a pharmacist began with one year of residency training at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Hospital in Atlanta, Ga.  She then went on to work as a full-time pharmacist at Walgreens Boots Alliance for the next 13 years, then part time for another 2 years. Although she is still currently licensed as a pharmacist, she has switched her career path to Life Coaching and higher education.

Dr. Moore has recently discovered that she is an intuitive empath, and that her life’s purpose is to provide emotional healing to those with whom she crosses paths. Although her discovery of this gift as an empath is recent, she now realizes it has been in her all along through her unique interactions with others throughout her life.

Her empath gifts were revealed through her desire to work in a healing profession such as pharmacy, her natural teaching skills, and here innate ability to provide healing and restorative relationship guidance. She has been sought out by family, friends, and strangers alike as her divine illuminates this light to all whom cross her path. 

Dr. Moore understands that as an empath, it is crucial to continue to develop the gift through seeking to be whole in every area of life. As it will inevitably happen with anyone, she frequently realigns any area in her life that is out of balance and rejoices in the opportunity to help others do the same. 

She has therefore developed two unique and dynamic life coaching programs in romantic relationships and in empath development to do just that – help others realign and succeed. Many of her life experiences have contributed to her ability to provide outstanding life coaching, these include her:

  • Diverse career background
  • Successful marriage of over 20 years to her college sweetheart
  • Calling as a mother of two boys
  • Service in children’s ministries
  • Volunteerism with many different groups
  • Ability to lead many community organizations
  • Fundraising organization skills and activities
  • Diverse travel abroad experiences