A Luminous Guide to New Moon Intention Rituals

Sun setting

Much attention is given to full moon cycles, especially because of folklore and old wives’ tales that have been perpetuated throughout history. The full moon is often associated with madness, chaos, and drama. However, little attention is given to new moon cycles that can be just as powerful. In fact, new moon cycles are the best time to conduct intention rituals that set the stage for months and years to come.

Albeit, the new moon is a quieter time when we tend to relax and settle down. Though, that doesn’t mean that the moon is any less magical at the start of her monthly rotation. Contrarily, this is a perfect time to plan and initiate magical rituals and engage in spiritual work. In fact, all major moon cycles are important as they help us grow and develop in many ways.

New moon cycles are a particularly beneficial time to initiate manifestation work. They are also the ideal time to start or launch new projects, publish creative works, begin new relationships, or engage in almost anything in its start-up phase. This is why I encourage my clients to work with the new moon as often as possible.

New Moon Intention Ritual

One of the most basic practices for working with new moon energy is an intention ritual. This is a simple yet powerful process that can yield abundant rewards. Intention rituals are a form of manifestation work. Such rituals conducted during the new moon are amplified by the moon and other planetary energies at play during this cycle.

The purpose of a new moon intention ritual is to set goals for things that you want to manifest in your life. The keyword is “want’ when conducting a new moon ritual. New moon rituals should not focus on things that you don’t want in your life. Instead, you should engage in full moon release rituals for that purpose.

In order to conduct a basic New Moon intention ritual, you will need the following items:

  • Table or other surfaces for ritual items
  • Notebook or journal
  • Pen (preferably red)
  • Lighter or match
  • Glass of water
  • Blue or white candle
  • Uplifting incense (lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, etc.)
  • Dry gin (optional)
  • Offering for the moon (optional)
  • Florida water (optional)

Setting Your Intentions

The first step is to take some time to meditate on the things that you want to bring into your life during the new moon cycle and beyond. Your list can be as brief or comprehensive as you desire. However, I typically recommend shorter lists of about five or fewer items.

Be as specific and realistic as possible with your new moon intention list. For instance, if you desire a new vehicle, outline as much detail as you can about it. List the make and model, color, interior and exterior features, etc., of the vehicle. If possible, get a picture of the exact vehicle that you want.

Keep in mind that the vehicle you desire to manifest should be realistic based on your time frame. If you are experiencing economic challenges, it is not practical to set intentions for a vehicle outside of your income bracket. While you may desire a million-dollar car, this is not a practical short-term goal. Instead, set your intentions on manifesting things that are within your reach. You can always set long-term intention goals as you grow and develop in life.

Determining Your Intentions

Once you have spent time meditating about what you want, write the list down in your notebook or journal. I recommend keeping a separate notebook or journal for your new moon intentions. This will allow you to easily review them from month to month. Add as much detail as possible related to your intentions and include images such as vehicles as outlined in the example above.

Preparing to Set Your Intentions

Next, you need to set up a table or other surface to hold your ritual items. It is best to use natural surfaces like wood, glass, or stone for spiritual work. Lighter colors are best, but you can also cover the surface in a white cloth to invite in the energy of light. Afterward, collect your ritual items and place the following on the table in an orderly fashion:

  • Glass of water
  • Candle
  • Incense
  • Dry gin (optional)
  • Offering (optional)

As mentioned in the ingredients list, the dry gin and offering are optional items. I only recommend adding them if you are accustomed to working with these items in ritual work. Otherwise, it is best to leave them off. A simple offering of honey, coffee, and/or coconut oil is fine for the moon. However, feel free to use customary offerings from your tradition if you practice within one.

Once you have placed all the items on the table, light the candle and incense. I recommend cleansing the candle with Florida water before lighting it, but this step is not absolutely necessary. If you do use Florida water to cleanse the candle, make sure that it is dry before lighting it. Florida water contains alcohol, which is highly flammable. Once you light the incense, waft the incense smoke around the room to clear the energy. You can also say a short invocation prayer while doing this if you desire.

Manifesting Your Intentions

After your table is properly prepared, stand in front of it with the notebook that you wrote your intentions. Speak a prayer of gratitude to the moon, your ancestors, and any other spirit you normally engage with during prayer sessions. If you put an offering on the table, tell the moon that you brought her an offering for her assistance.

Then, ask the moon for help in manifesting the things on your intention list – call them out one by one. Be sure to pray with heartfelt intentions and use your intuition as a guide for what to say. It is best to only focus on what you desire to manifest during this ritual. Once you finish this step, close the process by saying a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Closing Your Intention Work

Typically, it is best to leave the ritual artifacts on the table for at least three days. If you prepared food or coffee offerings, be sure to remove them before they start to rot. Generally, I don’t recommend leaving the artifacts on the table for longer than seven days. But let your spirit guide you in this regard. You can discard any food or drink items in nature or the trash. You can even use certain items like water, honey, coffee, and coconut oil in a spiritual bath.

Ideally, it is beneficial to close a new moon intention ritual with a spiritual bath. It is a great way to cleanse your spiritual body to prepare yourself to receive the things you asked for during your ritual. There are many ways to take a spiritual bath. Likewise, there are various ways to conduct new moon intentional rituals though they all hinge on the same basic principles.


In conclusion, you should expect to see your intentions start to manifest about six months later during the corresponding full moon in which you set your intentions. However, keep in mind that more complex or time-sensitive intentions will take longer to manifest.

Keep in mind that the goal of this ritual is to elicit the help of the moon and corresponding planetary energies in achieving your goals. You have to put in your share of the work. These energetic forces can open up gateways for you and strengthen and embolden you to complete your goals. However, they are not going to do all the heavy lifting.