8 Essential Herbs for Prosperity Rituals

As a spiritual traditionalist, ritual work is at the core of my spiritual practice. I love using elements of nature in ritual work. Herbs, in particular, have traditionally been used in spiritual practices across the globe. Spirits and deities commonly ask for these blessed ingredients in offerings during ceremonies. And specific herbs should be used for prosperity rituals.

However, herbs can be used in a variety of other ways during individual or communal ritual work. You can use them to dress candles, enhance spiritual baths and colognes, serve as the foundation for teas or tinctures, offer with libations, etc. You can incorporate them in many forms, including fresh, dried, powdered, oil-based, etc., depending on your intentions.

Herbs enhance ritual work through their Divine essence, which synergistically combines with your prayers, affirmations, meditations, visualizations, etc. Therefore, it is important to use herbs that vibe with the energy of your intentions.

The Meaning of Prosperity

Before I delve into the herbs, I first want to define prosperity. Most often, people think about money or finances when the word prosperity is mentioned. And this is definitely part of the dynamic. However, it is only one part of prosperity. This term can and does refer to many aspects of life as it refers to a state of holistic success, opulence, or affluence.

While being financially successful is the cornerstone of prosperity, true success involves other aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health. You may have more money than you could spend in a lifetime. But if you are physically, mentally, or emotionally ill, or if you have to compromise your integrity to obtain it, you won’t truly be able to enjoy it.

As a spiritual coach, I often advise my clients to do prosperity rituals to enhance their goals. And I encourage them to consider all of these dynamics in their ritual work. Holistic prosperity is paramount in spellwork and magic.

Likewise, prosperity rituals should be combined with hard work and diligent efforts. Keep in mind that rituals and ceremonies are a form of augmented prayers. They tend to be more effective than prayers simply expressed as words because they require you to incorporate higher dimensions of your energy. But faith without works is dead regardless of how you pray.

The ritual brings you the energy needed to accomplish your objectives. But, realizing your goals requires strategic and deliberate effort from you. And that’s where the elements of nature come in. They direct and guide you to the right resources and information to get the job done. But they won’t do the work for you.

Essential Herbs for Prosperity

I have outlined eight essential herbs for financial abundance rituals that have been useful in my own prosperity work. Each of these herbs vibes with different elements of prosperity. So, feel free to mix and match based on your overall prosperity needs.


Bergamot is a fragrant herb with floral, citrusy notes and tones. The herb shares the qualities of the citrus fruit that is most famous for giving Earl Grey tea its distinct aroma and flavor. Both the herb and fruit are used quite often in herbal concoctions for spiritual and health purposes. In particular, the bergamot herb is well-known for attracting money.

As a member of the citrus family, bergamot carries a sunny disposition. It helps induce an uplifting, confident, optimistic mood – emotions important in attracting prosperity. It also has a calming, anxiety-reducing effect, and it stirs mental alertness. All of these properties are vital for attracting abundance.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle coincides with the fire element and the planet Mars (Ogun). This very masculine, protective energy connects to the concepts of passion, drive, and initiation. It embodies that go-getter energy that pushes leaders and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

Using this herb in prosperity rituals can enhance your desire for abundance. It can help keep you going when the going gets tough. It can also stimulate you to pursue your passion with gusto and vigor. Additionally, it acts as a protective agent against hexes and curses, which is instrumental in prosperity work. You don’t want to lose any wealth you amass to jealous or envious onlookers.


Chamomile is a brilliantly beautiful flower herb that embodies the energy of sunshine, joy, happiness, and peace. It is perfect for prosperity work because it induces the spirit of optimism and joy. Chamomile calms and induces sleep, which ignites the quality of peaceful abundance. In other words, incorporating chamomile into your ritual ensures tranquility and peace.

This means that you won’t have to overwork yourself to secure prosperity, and you won’t have to fight to keep it. Your prosperity will not be ill-gotten or ill-used. Peace is integral to holistic prosperity as it allows you to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Lavender is also known for its tranquility-inducing effects. However, it also gives wisdom and enlightenment and has healing qualities. Including lavender in your prosperity rituals is sure to bring you the insight needed to build, grow, and maintain wealth. It helps you to connect to the spiritual dimension on a higher level. In which case, you are able to draw knowledge from your ancestors and other members of your spiritual team.

This herb can also help you heal from past trauma related to financial lack or insufficiency. In which case, you may be able to remove blockages that have kept you from accepting prosperity. Or, you may learn about money management techniques that will help you sustain wealth. Either way, lavender can help restore balance in your finances.


Lemongrass has a cleansing, uplifting, and joyful effect on ritual work. It requires constant sunlight for lemongrass roots to sprout and fully mature. As such, sunshine is infused in every bit of this popular culinary and spiritual grass. This makes it an excellent ingredient to help you stay uplifted and motivated when engaging in prosperity spell work.

Lemongrass helps clear old, stagnant energy that has blocked your creative flow. It ignites you with the spirit of inspiration and imagination so that your creative ideas can manifest into abundance and prosperity. This grass is excellent for recharging your batteries and helping you express your gifts and talents.

Lemon Balm

Though part of the mint family, lemon balm has a fresh lemony scent which is where it derives its name. It has many medicinal and spiritual uses. This plant attracts bees for honey production. Thus, it provides the energy for productivity and makes way for sweet blessings to manifest.

Lemon balm also calms and balances. It can help you realize your wealth in a space of equilibrium and serenity. This ultimately means that you will not overwork or underwork yourself as you do the needful to bring prosperity into your experience.

Orange Blossom

Like other citrus herbs and fruits, orange blossom connects with luck, money, success, prosperity, and happiness. Just adding it to your spiritual work will give you a sense of optimism and joy. It will also add an element of enlightenment, encouragement, strength, and confidence to any prosperity ritual.

Oranges and orange fragrances are common offerings given to ancestors in diasporic African traditional religions such as Haitian Vodou. The essence of this plant is important in elevation work as it has uplifting properties. Therefore, it is a great addition to any type of prosperity ceremony that involves ancestral spirits.


Vetiver is also important in Haitian Vodou practices. This empowering herb is indigenous to Haiti and often used in new year ceremonies to attract prosperity in the coming seasons. Vetiver is important in intuitive and protective rituals. It helps to strengthen and deepen your connection to the spirit world.

In which case, you can receive sound guidance and instruction on how to enhance your wealth. As your spiritual communication increases, you will be able to gain favor and knowledge that will result in abundance and flow. As such, vetiver should be a mainstay in your prosperity work.

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