4 Ways to Find a Reputable African Spiritualist

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This is a very important topic since African spirituality is growing in popularity. And, with it, the number of scammers increases as people try to take advantage of new devotees. In this post, I discuss the best ways to find a reputable African spiritualist. These methods have helped me and others find the right diviner based on our practice, and they may prove to be beneficial to you as well.

But before I get into some effective methods for finding the right spiritualist, let me say that the most important part of the process is patience. If you are anxious or in a hurry to find a diviner, you may make quite a few mistakes along the way. Spirituality is a process built on the principles of growth and elevation. A spiritual journey requires patience. So, above all, take your time and enjoy the process instead of rushing through it.


If you are already working with your ancestors, they are your best resource for helping you find reputable African spiritualists. In fact, they are your first line of defense in all spiritual matters. If you are not working with them, you should start a veneration practice before you start trying to work with a diviner or fully embrace an African spiritual system.

As you cultivate a balanced relationship with your ancestors, they will guide you in every aspect of life. All you have to do is ask them for help in this area and patiently wait for their assistance. It can take a few days, weeks, months, or years for them to lead you in the right direction. But they will surely do so in divine timing if you wait for their lead and follow their guidance.

Being Patient

My ancestors led me to the African spiritualists who got me started in Ifa and Vodou. They orchestrated the events and conditions that made these connections possible. I had a strong relationship with them prior to seeking out the first African spiritualists that I worked with.

However, I failed to ask for their guidance in this area before I started searching for a diviner. Better yet, I failed to heed their voice when they clearly showed me that the first Ifa priestess I worked with was not right for me. But I was very anxious at that time. I wanted answers, and I wanted them right away.

So, I initially decided to work with an Iyanifa (Ifa priestess) who was convenient rather than the one who was divinely chosen for my path. Fortunately, my ancestors intervened and steered me in the right direction. They quickly closed the door to that relationship. This opened the door that allowed me to connect with a more suitable Babalawo (Ifa priest).

So first, I strongly recommend starting with your ancestors if you are interested in finding an African diviner. They will lead you in the right direction and keep you from making unnecessary mistakes along the way. There are many resources available online and offline that can help you start an amenable veneration practice for connecting with your ancestors. Engaging in this process first can help you save a lot of time and money in your endeavors.

Being Equally Yoked

Choosing an African spiritualist is akin to choosing a marriage partner, especially if you intend to devote yourself to a particular practice. This is someone with whom you will share some of the most intimate details of your life. You want to be sure that you are equally yoked.

It is not a good idea to seek divination from different spiritualists within the same spiritual system on a regular basis. You may have to try out a few people in the beginning until you find the right one. But you should not commit to anyone right away. You should also not continue this practice once you initiate into an African spiritual system.

Your ancestors are just as important in this process as your living family is when it comes to marriage. They should be heavily involved in the selection process. Remember that your relationship with your spiritualist will impact your relationship with your ancestors.

Getting Approval

So, once you feel you have found the right African spiritualist, confirm this with your ancestors. This can be done by simply asking them if you already have an established relationship with them. Usually, they will give you an answer through dreams, synchronicities, visions, etc.

If you don’t have a connection with your ancestors, now is definitely the right time to establish a relationship with them. Start by setting up an altar and doing simple veneration practices to connect with them. As your relationship with them grows, so will your practice. You will learn how to hear from your ancestors better and be able to discern when they are speaking to you.


My general advice for anyone walking a spiritual path is to be led by intuition. This is your personal, internal radar that tells you when something is amiss. It also tells you what path to take. However, I started this list with ancestors because they are instrumental in developing sound intuition.

If you have not developed your sense of intuition or if you don’t trust it, it is not a good idea to be led by your intuition when seeking out a reputable African spiritualist. Doing so can cause you more harm than good. This is because negative energies can easily trick you into believing that certain thoughts or ideas are coming from your own Spirit.

On the other hand, as you get used to honoring your intuition or “gut feeling,” you should start using it as your primary guiding tool. You honor your intuition by following its promptings. If something doesn’t feel right to you or you just naturally know what direction to go in, you should follow those promptings. The more you make decisions based on intuitive knowing, the stronger your intuition will become. There are also other ways to improve your intuition – this resource may be useful if you need help in this area.

When seeking a diviner, your intuition can be very useful in this process. If the situation or person doesn’t feel right to you or for you, they are probably not meant for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the spiritualist is a scammer or unqualified. They may not be the right mentor for you.

Contrarily if you vibe with a spiritualist, he or she may be the right one for you. Once you have checked in with yourself, you should consult with your ancestors. When it comes to important matters such as this, it is good to have a second, third, or fourth opinion.


Social media is another great tool for helping you find a reputable African spiritualist. If you watch videos or read blogs, posts, etc., from people in African spiritual circles, they may be able to help you. These individuals might even offer divination services themselves, or they may be able to recommend someone who does.

This is a good approach because it gives you time to get a feel for the individual as you follow them on social media. You can get an idea about the individual’s personality and determine if you vibe with them. This can be done without you feeling pressured to purchase a service from them initially.

So spend some time engaging with others who practice African spirituality on social media. Again, take your time to understand their personality and value systems before you follow their recommendations or utilize their services. See if they espouse the same foundational beliefs and principles as you do. If so, they may be a good resource for helping you find a reputable spiritualist. But, be sure to always exercise wisdom before sending anyone money or giving your personal information.


Good old word of mouth is always a helpful tool for getting information. Talk to people who are on the same path as you and let them know that you are looking for a reputable African spiritualist. Better yet, let them know what path you are on, and they may give you a recommendation without you even asking.

This has happened to me many times. Because I practice both Ifa and Haitian Vodou, I often have conversations with others who are interested in African spirituality. Some tell me they are looking for a diviner or a community to engage with.

I usually refer them to an ancestral-based system first. I believe one should always start with their ancestors when engaging in African spirituality. As I mentioned above and in other posts, our ancestors are our first line of defense in the spiritual world. Otherwise, if they are ready for a reading or need additional information about ATR, I guide them in this direction as well. Either way, I can usually help them find a suitable path.

These types of scenarios are common in African spiritual circles because of the nature of the practice. As with all things, be wise and use your common sense. If a person or situation does not feel right, it may not be the right path for you. So, verify any information you receive through your ancestors, intuition, and other applicable resources.

If you have questions or need guidance as you start your journey in ATR, learn more about our spiritual coaching and mentorship services.

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