4 Natural Ways to Release Toxic Energy

4 Natural Ways to Release Toxic Energy

Oftentimes in spiritual circles, we emphasize ways that we can force or compel the release of negative energy from our environments. Saying affirmations, visualizing, meditating, praying, etc., are all great ways to release toxic energy. However, these practices don’t expel built-up toxins and wastes from the body, which are negative energetic forces that impact our overall well-being. But there are natural ways to release toxic energy.

Our bodies are naturally designed to expel such toxic forces. However, we have been conditioned to think that physical toxins are not the same as spiritual toxins. Though, they are oftentimes one and the same. A toxic physical environment is a breeding ground for toxic spirits. Likewise, toxic energy inhabits our bodies and minds whenever our bodies are full of waste and debris.

Sadly, we are sometimes discouraged from engaging in certain natural processes that are very beneficial for helping us expel negative energies. Other times, we must facilitate these processes when our bodies aren’t functioning properly. Either way, we can engage in any of the following natural ways to enjoy the benefits of toxic energy release. 

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Crying is the process of shedding emotional toxins through tears. Through crying, we release a great deal of built-up energy from our emotional bodies. When we cry, we release water, salt, fatty oils, and proteins. Science indicates that emotional tears have additional proteins and hormones not found in other types of tears. These proteins and hormones are thought to have a pain-relieving or relaxing effect that helps us return to a state of homeostasis.

So in cases of emotional distress, it is actually good to cry. You can release tremendous negative energy while providing an outlet for emotional upliftment through this process. That being said, it is best to cry alone or in the presence of supportive family and friends. Crying in public or inappropriate situations may lead to more distress and heartache. 


Also, keep in mind that if you cry often or easily, you may have a medical condition that requires attention. While there is no set frequency for how often we should cry, the average adult should be able to deal with most emotional situations with a high level of maturity and resilience. So if you cry on a daily basis or about things that are typically not emotionally upsetting, you may need to seek treatment from a qualified healthcare professional.

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Sweat is another way that our bodies release toxins and impurities. This is why sweat baths are encouraged when one has respiratory infections such as colds, cases of the flu, etc. Sweat induces circulation, eliminates salt, alcohol, and other waste products, and decreases skin bacteria. These are negative energies or forces that interfere with our spiritual well-being, though we tend to only think of them as physical agents.

We often sweat naturally whenever we are in a hot environment. However, many people try to stay out of the heat as much as possible. And in some cases, people live in colder environments where they don’t experience much heat. But if you allow your body to sweat, you can purify yourself of many toxins. So the next time you are in a low vibe, try sunbathing, engaging in sweat-inducing exercise, taking a steam bath, or enjoying the sauna. Remember to drink plenty of water and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any serious health conditions that may be contraindicative to any of these activities.


Orgasms serve a very useful purpose aside from simply being pleasurable. Toxins are actually released from the body during this process. This is one reason why some men and women are sexually promiscuous or have a seemingly insatiable sexual appetite. Their bodies are seeking to release excess toxins, which can manifest as a state of persistent sexual arousal.

But regardless of your sexual appetite, having an orgasm helps you release toxic, pent-up energy. Regular sexual activity may be the key to helping you maintain a positive, uplifted mental outlook. This is especially the case when you engage in sexual activity within the confines of a healthy, committed relationship. Sex is a very powerful antidote. Therefore, it should be combined with purpose and proper intention.


Keep in mind that although orgasms are very healthy ways to release toxic energy, engaging in sex with toxic partners can negate this process. During unprotected sex, men release toxic energy into women. Women then transmute this energy and release it from their bodies during their menstrual flow (which is another natural way that females release negative energy). Women likewise release their own toxins whenever they orgasm or have their menstrual cycle. As such, toxic overload can become an issue as it can be passed from one partner to another, which can create more toxicity.

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Bowel movements are yet another effective and natural way our bodies release negative energy. A normal, healthy person should have a bowel movement an average of three or more times daily. Ideally, you should release toxic waste through this process every time you have a meal. Thus, anytime food goes into the body, it should likewise come out.

There is much debate on how often we should have bowel movements based on what is normal for us individually. However, anything less than once a day (unless you are fasting or otherwise not eating) is unhealthy. Your body produces waste every time you eat. These wastes should be released as quickly as possible. The longer they remain in your body, the more toxins build up in your system. These toxins often lead to chronic mental and digestive health illnesses.

So if you are experiencing depression or gastric issues, your body may be telling you that it is time to cleanse your colon. Doing so will help you feel more uplifted and energized. There are many ways to sweep your colon of toxic debris, including herbal colon cleanse formulas, hydrotherapy, enemas, fasts, vegan/vegetarian eating, etc.


Toxic energy is an invisible force that can have a devastating effect on our mental health. It is the negative energy we receive from people, places, and situations that can leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed. From emotional toxicity to verbal abuse, it can take many forms and have a lasting impact on our overall well-being. 

However, there are natural ways to release toxic energy in your daily life. For the most part, we can and should engage in these practices whenever we are intuitively led to do so. Though, wisdom and caution should be exercised when answering the call of nature in certain situations.

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