3 Reasons the Chosen Ones Experience Loneliness

3 Reasons the Chosen Ones Experience Loneliness

Loneliness tends to be a commonality among the chosen ones. There are many reasons why starseeds or chosen ones tend to endure loneliness quite often in life. Sometimes this loneliness can be overbearing and difficult to deal with. Sadly, many chosen ones suffer from depression and other emotional ills because they are confused about why they have trouble connecting with others on a deeper level.

This is especially true for many who tend to be loving, caring, and giving people. They usually go out of their way to help others. However, they rarely experience reciprocity in this area. Even more, the people that they tend to help the most are the ones who often turn their backs on them. This can make many starseeds feel hopeless. They often express wanting to give up on life.

Sadly, this is exactly what their enemies want. By enemies, I am referring to spiritual beings that wish to thwart the plans of the chosen ones. These malevolent energies wish to derail Starseeds from fulfilling their purpose. So they use people, situations, and events to get them off track. But the chosen should not lose hope. They experience loneliness for good reasons, irrespective of the plans of their spiritual enemies. Here are a few reasons why the chosen often go through periods of loneliness.


One of the primary reasons the chosen ones usually have few or no friends is because they need to spend more time with Spirit. The chosen are here on a mission. They are called to reconcile the earth. Because they have such an important role in reconstituting society, they have many lessons to learn and much knowledge to gain.

The chosen ones have little time to spend on mundane things in the same way as others. Spirit often calls the chosen during their early life, so these individuals connect with Spirit early on. Usually, many are raised in religious homes where they learn about spirituality through someone else’s viewpoint. However, Spirit is always communicating with them on a deeper level.


These individuals have much to learn about the spiritual world. Oftentimes they have unexplainable encounters with the spiritual realm during their early life. To go to the next dimension, they must understand the spiritual world and cultivate their spiritual gifts. This process often requires the chosen to forgo social engagements and instead spend time in deep introspection and reflection.

These periods may be temporary or for a lifetime. Every chosen one will endure a cocoon phase, which I discussed in more detail in a previous post. During this phase of metamorphosis, they are purposefully isolated from others. It’s a necessary part of the process for their growth and development.


For other starseeds, they are relegated to a life of solitude. This doesn’t mean that they will never be around other people. However, their primary purpose for socialization is to heal, educate, and help other people rather than develop lifelong, sustainable relationships. Sometimes, these individuals purposefully choose such a lifestyle during their time on earth. In other cases, this type of lifestyle is forced upon them based on the calling that is upon their lives. 


The chosen are exceptional people with vast gifts and many blessings. They have the propensity to bless others just by being in their presence. Sadly, many people they associate with are not worthy of the gifts and blessings the chosen effortlessly express.

However, the chosen are kindhearted and desire to “save the world.” So they are constantly giving of themselves both purposefully and inadvertently. Chosen ones are usually quite attracted to people in need because they have a heartfelt desire to help others. Frequently, they give to people who are unworthy of their blessings, gifts, and favor. 


Many people see that the chosen are tremendously blessed and have a special purpose. Malevolent energies often fill these people with jealousy, envy, and hate toward starseeds. So, these people set out to use and abuse the chosen ones. These people want the blessings that the chosen ones provide in their lives. However, they do not want to see the chosen prosper and succeed.  

Therefore, the spiritual teams of the chosen ones move these types of people out of their paths. Chosen ones are not always aware that this is occurring, so they assume something is wrong with them. Instead, the issue is with the other people. Spirit does not want the chosen ones to be drained of their vital life force by people who wish to take advantage of them. This is one reason so many of the chosen ones only have a few close friends or none at all. 


Chosen ones also experience loneliness when they are out of alignment with their spiritual team. Sometimes, starseeds get out of alignment when they fail to acknowledge or spend time with their spiritual team. Other times this occurs out of ignorance because they simply don’t know about critical components of their spiritual family.

As I mentioned, the chosen ones come into this life with a sense of spirituality even when they are brought up in religion. These individuals usually have expansive spiritual teams because they need a higher level of spiritual support than the average person. As stated, these individuals typically undergo significant spiritual attacks by malevolent entities.

In some cases, the chosen may be aware of their spiritual teams, but they decide to ignore them because it goes against what they have been taught. In other cases, chosen ones may have been connected to their spiritual team at some point. However, they no longer propitiate their spirits according to the contracts that they made either before or when they got to earth. Still, in other situations, the chosen simply don’t know the who, when, where, how, and why of connecting with their spiritual team.

When this happens, members of their spiritual team often remove people from their lives. This may be done to get their attention. When the chosen ones can’t make or maintain platonic or romantic relationships, members of their spiritual team may be to blame.


Spirits that often cause problems for starseeds when neglected are their ancestors and astral mates. Ancestors are deceased members of our bloodlines who we should consistently honor and revere. Some of the chosen ones are responsible for being the primary caretakers of their ancestors in their family line. 

Though they may neglect this duty for one reason or another, sometimes it’s because they don’t know how to make such a connection. Other times they get caught up in spending too much time with a romantic or platonic partner. In which case, their ancestors may cause disruptions through loneliness and isolation to get their attention of the chosen ones.


The same may be true when neglecting or ignoring one’s astral mates. Astral mates or Egbe Orun are our heavenly mates or comrades. While the terminology is based on the Yoruba system, the concept is universal. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of how vital their astral mates are in their lives. 

Without getting too deep into the subject in this post, the chosen ones need to connect with their astral mates. I have found that many of the chosen ones have Egbe Orun but are not aware of it. Because of this, starseeds often suffer greatly from loneliness and disconnectedness because of their astral mates. 


The path of the Chosen is filled with many ups and downs. And for the average Starseed, it is not an easy journey. Oftentimes these individuals are tasked with spending time alone as they engage in higher levels of spiritual communication and connection. But, sometimes, they aren’t aware of this reality. Instead, they may spend time being depressed or heartbroken when they should be focused on their spiritual development. 

Understanding the reason for their loneliness can put them on the right track. As such, if you are a Chosen One and you are experiencing loneliness, know that it is for a purpose and will result in a beneficial end. Use this time to connect with your spiritual team and learn more about your destiny. In doing so, you will encounter metamorphic change.

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