2022 Numerology and Personal Year Career, Business, and Financial Predictions

Year 2022 sign

The year 2022 corresponds to the energy of number 6. After all the changes and transformations we experienced in 2021, we will begin to settle into our new normal in 2022. The number 6 is all about getting rooted and grounded. This means that society at large will begin to live with the dramatic transformations that COVID forced upon our existence.

We will better understand how to cope with our new normal. And, we will start to develop systems to make life more comfortable during this 12-month period. There will also be a heightened focus on family, home, and nurturing throughout 2022. We will give and receive more support during this time. And, people will desire to give and feel unconditional love during this time.

Your personal year may be different than 2022 from a numerology perspective. If so, areas of your career, business, and finances impacted by your roots, home, or family life may be different than others. Knowing your personal year for 2022 can help you get a better understanding of what’s in store for you in the upcoming annual cycle.

See the list below for more details on how these dynamics may impact your business, career, and finances based on your personal year:

  • Personal Year 1: You will begin to settle into any new ventures that you embark upon during this year. You may begin projects or career or business endeavors that involve or heavily impact your family. For instance, you could start a family business, or you could transition to a new career or position that allows you to spend more time with your family. You may begin working from home either on a part-time or full-time basis.
  • Personal Year 2: Your focus will probably be on harmonizing your family or social dynamics. Balance, consistency, and cooperation may be especially important to you during this time if you experienced major transitions last year. Your emphasis may also be on cultivating supportive friendships, social networks, or relationships that impact your career, business, or finances on some level.
  • Personal Year 3: You will be settling into any growth or expansion that you experience during this year. You will learn how to effectively manage these dynamics that are usually joyful and optimistic but can be stressful and anxiety-inducing at times. You will figure out ways to root yourself in your personal development, especially in relation to your family dynamics. For instance, if you receive a promotion or start a business this year, you may have to manage longer hours while maintaining a proper work-life balance. You may even realize major investment gains that you may use to purchase a home or support your family in some way.
  • Personal Year 4: You will be laying foundations as you settle into the energy of this year. Your goal will be on structure and organization, which are all related to being rooted or settled. You will be focused on developing practical plans to create a secure foundation for your future. This may look like starting or finishing college so that you can create a family in the future or provide a better way of life for your current family.
  • Personal Year 5: You will be challenged with dealing with additional changes and transformation as you settle into any changes that you experienced last year. You will probably experience a number of changes related to getting rooted or settled. This may include moving to a different location, changing jobs, transforming your business, etc. Your objectives will be heavily focused on achieving a sense of independence on the home front.
  • Personal Year 6: You are at home in a personal 6 year. There will be an even more heightened emphasis on roots, home, family, and reconciling any changes you experienced last year in these areas. You may move closer to your family or have family members move in with you in order to better structure your business, career, or financial dynamics. If you started or received an offer for a new job last year, you will begin to settle into the role this year. You will also begin to settle into any new work or business dynamics like working from home part or full time or telecommuting. You will find ways to make your work or business environment feel more “at home” to you.
  • Personal Year 7: You will settle into any type of spiritual, religious, or philosophical changes that you made last year. You will start to root yourself into any new practices that you have adopted. You may develop a system or schedule that works for you in relation to your spiritual development. Reflection and introspection about your spiritual journey will be your focus during this year. You will evaluate whether you are “at home” in your spiritual practices. You will examine how your beliefs align with your career, business, or financial situation. You may leave or lose your job based on philosophical or religious beliefs during this year. Or, you may find a way to integrate your spiritual belief system into your career or business.
  • Personal Year 8: Your focus will be on rooting yourself in the material realm. You will either be manifesting your desires or figuring out ways to manifest your desires. This could mean purchasing a new house or vehicle, starting a savings or investment plan, settling into a higher-paying job or position, etc. You may even start a new manifestation practice this year with an emphasis on your home and family life. Your focus will be on material abundance in relation to your home or family dynamics.
  • Personal Year 9: You will be ending or concluding things in your life and getting used to your new normal. You may have gone through a divorce or breakup last year or will be this year. If so, this year, you will be charged with reconciling the dynamics of your home life in relation to your career, business, or finances. You may be retiring this year or may have retired last year. In which case, you will start to root yourself into a new way of living.